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Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

by Skauron

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Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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With the patch 1.09 came the expansion of the loot pool by 300% on all weapons that you get/got to Rank X and by 200% for Characters that you got to Rank X.


This effectively meant that all gamers who had maxed their common/uncommon/Rare cards already and were working on trying to get ultra rares where suddenly pulled from being in a position to doing so and pushed way back to 25% progress on their Uncommon and Rare weapons and 50% on all their character cards for Common/Uncommon and Rare cards.   Naturally if you are only just starting out then you won't see the extra variants of weapons or character levels until you rank X them, but for those who have played since release.. this represented a lot of grind and hard work to do.


I've maxed my common and uncommon characters and am 54% through my Uncommon Weapon cards again now (up from 25% after 1.09 hit)


So this week the only ultra rare card I had gained was from the card 'RANDOM CHARACTER (ULTRA RARE) which cost me a very VERY overpriced 960 mission funds and whilst i got over 960 luckily i know of now 2 people on this forum who got just shy of the 960 so i'm so annoyed that their efforts which seemed to equal my own in every way did not gain them reward.  I think i got over 960 because i already had mission funds banked prior to 1.09 patching.. but it wasn't a huge amount.


So here.. is my purchase of the card.. and the turning over it...



Do I this this ONE card was worth 960 mission funds?  NO.  not at all .. should have been more than 1 card for the MF price.   But who are we to complain anyway eh, we are just the loyal fans who stuck by the product/franchise.

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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The UR loot card has carried over to this weeks item store selection. So that some "good" news for people who were just short in the time frame.

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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That was my big fear.. for a while i had 955 mission funds and was 5 short then in came some missions.

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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I did this too...  wasn't worth it.  I agree it would be closer to "worth it" if we got two ultra-rare character cards from it.  At this point I like the common weapon modifiers you can get better for use of those funds.

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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I am not sure I would spend 480 on one character. I would rather just use my mission funds on consumables so I can use my credits on packs. This whole system is broken.

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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This ultra rare character card was just a remote chance hope that i might get an upgrade for my duelist.  960 mission funds is way overpriced though.    They should have made it an Apex Elite pack for that price.   I really don' think i'm going to buy an apex elite for 600k mp creds either, thats another overpriced item.


I really don't think i'll be buying any more of these truth be told.. and i'm not sure at the moment i can be bothered with the grind up through the rare pool either to get back to just the 1:5 or 1:10 chance to draw an ultrarare card via packs.   I've really started to lose my love for the multiplayer since 1.09.. its like i've been shot in the leg and told to run.


I've played.. and played as much as i can, but the grim reality is always in front of me in the rare weapon loot table.. it wasn't so bad when it was how it was in 1.08.. but to be hacked down to only having a quarter of what is available out there is just plain depressing.  I now know of two people who were playing as much as i was.. who have either stopped playing completely.. or as in the case of one of them.. has uninstalled the game.


I just don't feel that any attempt has been made to sweeten this bitter pill we've been told to swallow.. and this is meant to be a game.   It FEELS more like a chore of late though, and its not getting any better.  I just wonder how many more people are as fed up about the situ as i am?    I really don't understand why they felt the need to introduce so much.. all at once knowing FULLY that the gamers are going to feel like all their efforts thusfar have been washed out to sea.


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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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Thats the problem with it.  960 mission funds is practically a weeks work.  Thats constantly checking Apex missions and sending teams out, even failing a 10 point mission becomes a disappointment.  Daily challenges are ok if its 14 waves or 35k points against a given enemy or something but the Mastery challenges are generally several games. So all my play time simply got used up playing stuff that EA wanted me to do and not doing stuff I wanted to do, like levelling up a character or doing a nameplate challenge. 

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Re: Random Character (Ultra Rare Card) Purchased...

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I've been playing MEA:MP for a couple months now, right from the start it seemed pretty grindy to me even before they added another 10 levels per char and all the extra weapon and mod variants. I like the idea of levelling individual characters instead of XP applying to all characters of a given class like ME3 but locking the maximum number of skill points behind another 9 cards is a real pain. You are too much at the mercy of RNG.


I think a better method would be to award generic cards by rarity (common\uncommon\rare\ultra rare) that can be spent on any character\weapon\mod of that rarity. So for example if you get a gold card you can choose to put it into that gold character you really like. This would allow you to accrue the things you want so you could play the game how you want as opposed to how the RNG worked out for you.


I don't understand why grinding to unlock content seems like it was ramped up for MEA:MP. I get suspicious when real money is involved ie "Andromeda Points".





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