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Re: Rampart

by RustedYoda

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Re: Rampart

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@DarthValtrex agreed, dont know why but when someone takes Loba and i dont pick mirage or wraith, I get gibby for some reason and I suck so if someone here got a trash gibby, it might of have been me.
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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-Q When I look back at all the legends that they have introduced into the game or have been 'unlockable' I only really think the good ones are
Caustic, Mirage, Octane, Wattson & possibly Horizon!
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Re: Rampart

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@CAGOA34If you know how to play them, I might not be a double-hater. Maybe a half hater xD, due to the fact that I’ll likely never leverage from your skillz except jumppad Tongue out


@KelRiever I wanted her to work too but I think.. scratch that, I know she’s the legend I spend last amount of time with after she came out. She’s on par with crypto in time regard but crypto is a valued teammber... 

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