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by Koochi-Q

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So... I’m beginning to dislike rampart users more than Octanes...


Yea, octanes usually suck. They go headstrong into a team... or a fight get downed before the others who were already fighting xD. Much to the annoyance of his teammates. 


Ramparts however seem to be so thickheaded that it’s not even funny. Every engagement... Sheila... Even if they can’t get closer than 200m because enemy team is holding a spot down... sheila...


 Just now, last 2 teams fighting, multiple down... what does rampart do from 100m. Sheila... where does she do it? Estates -_-  The whole terrain is filled with houses and you could basically not see anything from where she was but she uses sheila...


We lost...




ps: the actual good rampart players need no take offense to this thread. 

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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-QI think most Rampart players are only playing her because they were not paying attention during the selection process. Every single time I have played her it was because of that..

I tried playing her for about 2 hours. Supposedly the Lstar combined with her is OP. Here is the issue with that, finding an Lstar or energy ammo for one can be difficult. Toss in that the rest of her abilities are well, useless and easily used against her. Throw up those walls? Enemy throws a well place nade at you.. You have to move.. Now the enemy is behind your wall benefiting from it.. While they still have their abilities and she has nothing of use for the fight aside from her passive. The other way that happens, You've almost killed a squad, rush them to finish them off.. Come back out and some enemy squad is now using your walls against you.

IMO she is one of the worst legends in the game at the moment.

Shelia needs to be able to rotate 360 degrees. I would come up with some other type of tactical, that is no benefit to the enemy. 

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Re: Rampart


@DarthValtrex  I'd rather she had a much weaker ultimate and the tactical was buffed personally.


I've literally only ever been killed once by Sheila.....and that was only because of the flying Sheila glitch this season. Being hit by a EMP and Sheila simultaneously out of nowhere makes for a quick death lol. Tongue out

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Re: Rampart

@Koochi-Q Sheilas not even worth using imo just get sniped by good players, all about the barriers and extra bullets for Spitfire
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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-Q I am actually surprised that you are getting Rampart teammates... she must be the LOWEST picked legend.

I honestly do not think she offers anything to a squad, she makes you stand out like a sore thumb when she uses Sheila you can be heard from 1,000,000 miles away and her fences don't even last long!
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Re: Rampart

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@DaleWWilson95 & @rockyboy1998 exactly. I luckily don’t get her much but if I do get her once in like 30 games, they’re all the same xD
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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-Qmy problem with rampart is she just do one thing (suppression) with long time to setup unlike other legends.


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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-Q they should make her ult faster + 180 free cover (not by her tactical).
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Re: Rampart

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@Koochi-Q I main Octane and Rampart so you must double hate me.

As for Shiela I only use that as a decoy, the walls are actually brilliant for building set up, great for blocking doors and very good for stopping people you have downed trying to get out.
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Re: Rampart

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I want Rampart to work, I really do.  She's a fun concept.  But if you had a list of things a character would have wrong in Apex, she probably checks all the boxes.


More dependent on team play: check


Abilities that require being stationary to be useful: check

A gun that has two laser targeters in one:  One that helps you pinpoint enemies, and the same one that lets them follow it back and pinpoint you


Walls that take 4 years to pop up.


And so on....I mean, she was doomed to failure in a mobility game, and definitely doomed because we already see Wattson and Crypto ignored.  

It's the way the core abilities function, I do not know how they're going to help Rampart.  And now that she's not the new character, I expect interest in her to drop way off.  That would actually be the good news.  The bad news would be if people keep using her, Respawn willt think she's okay as is.

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