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@maximas1986 Funny when I played with you I felt like I was the support legend and I wasn't lifeline 🤣
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Re: RIP Lifeline

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@hayhor ouch baby ,......ouch 😂
when was that when we played together, a year ago ?
maybe you must have more faith in your lifeline now , I once hit 11 revives in one match with a win 😁
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Re: RIP Lifeline

@maximas1986 No no no I didn't mean it badly. I meant I had a hard time keeping up is all. Your good and can make any character good.
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@dSKyNafinchin ThordanSmash’s new insider dev leaker has been insane recently. The dev even leaked what song the trailer will use today.


Thordan received a file containing voicelines from all legends saying “Med station here.” From Apex’s history of using LTMs for testing new stuff like de ja loot introducing evo shields and dummies big day introducing Mirage’s reworked ultimate, the flashpoint event now might hint for the new LL ult. People think that LL can deploy a smaller version of the flashpoint bubbles. All the legends’ voicelines for the med station only have 2 variants except for Lifeline which has 4.

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Re: RIP Lifeline

@Cheese9Man Hmmm.. this is definitely interesting. I would hope it would be a buff that would be applied to DOC (he's my lil buddy), but either way, would increase the AoE of the healing. I could get on board with this. Balance would probably be that enemies can heal inside the area, too? Sounds reasonable

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Re: RIP Lifeline

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Fact 1) Having a healer/medic can be difficult to balance, and if said character is very strong, they instantly become a must pick.

Fact 2) When your healer/medic is actually under-powered, it’s a slap in the face to the people who want to support their team.

I’m not a game coder, so I don’t know how difficult the role is. But I have played a multitude of other games that have done better jobs at managing healing roles and or abilities. Respawn is definitely missing the mark on this character right now and it’s a disservice to people who invested time and money to the legend.
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Re: RIP Lifeline

@dSKyNafinchin wrote:

Out of curiosity, are there any rumors about what the rework could possibly include, for LL? Personally, I would increase the AoE for the DOC drone, and maybe slightly decrease the drop time of her ult, but other than that, I feel like she still has a really powerful kit, in regards to her support role.

@dSKyNafinchin There is speculation about the device found in the center of this season's Flashpoint zones being a test.

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Re: RIP Lifeline

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@hayhor "and a way to get instantly better shields for teammates."

Instantly? Bruh...

@maximas1986 Funny you mention that. That's what I said back when people moaned. It's either the shielded drone-revive or built in gold bag.
Not to mention that DOC disappears half the time you deploy it inside a heat shield. 🤕
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Re: RIP Lifeline

@CCbathwater Instant when you have the package 😔
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@maximas1986 If they were going to make a new legend with lifelines old stuff, why the hell did they nerf Lifeline in the first place.
Pisses me off. I loved LL's passive rez shield combined with her drone. But people complained about it being too op. What do they think is going to happen with a legend with the same * but better?
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