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R-99 stikl overpowered

by EThot113213

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R-99 stikl overpowered

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This gun is still the best in the game. The ammo nerf did nothing for people that can aim. The random spread did basically nothing.


It still needs further nerfing. I can't think of a single gun that's better than the r-99.

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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@EThot113213 Stop complaining and running off without you’re squad my guy! And you won’t get melted, people like you is what makes the game garbage and and gets everything nerfed if you don’t like the gun then sit back and snipe and don’t let these gun user come to close to you! The guns range is already destroyed
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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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No my guy. People still laser other players with the R-99, at the same range as they do the R-301. This should not be the case.

A gun like the R-99 is supposed to be a rapid-fire sprayer with low damage for close quarters combat. Not a rapid-fire assault-rifle.

The R-99 simply needs a damage nerf.

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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it doesnt do have dmg its 12dmg bullet what you can nerf more? to 5 dmg? people who cry about r99 are those who play snipers on top of mauntain and get flanked with r99s 

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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The R-99 isn’t what it once was. I’m fine with it. It’s in a good spot now. No further nerfing required. 

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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@EThot113213Someone hasn't played against The charge rifle enough.

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered


The R-99 is currently is a good spot.
Ofc it's strong in close range because it's a SMG but it has it's weaknesses.

There will always be S tier weapons and this is the one for close combat fights.

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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@GreenFire317 What you mean to say is that it needs more damage drop off.
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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

For CQC definitely agree.


But at range tho, you might wanna go for a Wingy or that Charge Rifle mate.

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Re: R-99 stikl overpowered

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R-99 OP not because of dmg but because aim speed and reload speed which there is no room for reaction and counterplay, ppl with good aiming and good position can delete quick and easy ppl from game or team while there no gun that can do it. Peacekeeper for example need few shots and godly aim new Charge Riffle need few shot too for kill 

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