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Quit Your [Removed by CM] 'bout Loot

by Green_Legend_Ran

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Re: Quit Your [Removed by CM] 'bout Loot

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@KALIUMG wrote:

@Green_Legend_Ran wrote:

Yeah, legendaries are super rare to get. And yes, it can get frustrating. But they are currently BIS items so of course they are not going to be just have out like candy at Halloween.


The forum is getting flooded by all these make legendaries drop more, share them, etc. This is a looter shooter. You inundate the masses with them and you loose that excitement once you see that lovely yellow drop in the distance.


Does anyone remember Destiny?! The top tier did not drop like candy and the vast majority did not whine. Hell, they weren't even guaranteed to drop in Raids! And, does anyone remember Gjallerhorn and it's drop rate?!



Yes, I for one remember Destiny and all though you were not guaranteed an exotic drop on a raid. Destiny was never as BAD off as Anthem. I disagree, IMO the vast majority did infact "whine/complain" about it. Thats why Three of coins and Xur of the nine was introduced.


1 legendary drop every 4 hours if you lucky and if it aint a duplicate. 


Seeing that yellow in the distance doesnt even get me excited anymore, cause of the ridiculous duplicates over and over and over.


At this point for me, its just a chore. I log on alot and play, but thats cause iam stubborn/ OCD just wont let me quit before I have everything Storm.

Where do you people come from? 3oc has been in destiny since launch. Xur sold Gjallarhorn week 1 and Suros Regime week 2 or 3 of Destiny. So no, 3oc didn't come from people complaining about anything


Ps. Bioware, notice this exotic vendor was in game at launch selling exotic gear every week to players and players still played the game for 3 years. Some of my friends still play D1 to this day

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Re: Quit Your [Removed by CM] 'bout Loot

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@Jackz2kxx.. that just means you have pathetic friends.

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Re: Quit Your [Removed by CM] 'bout Loot

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@Jackz2kxx.. that just means you have pathetic friends.

Yes. Because spending time on a forum referring to people as pathetic who you don't even know is much less pathetic.

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Re: Quit Your B*#$@'n 'bout Loot

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Yeah course you did mate you got nine and your mate got twelve pull the other one mate.

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Re: Quit Your [Removed by CM] 'bout Loot

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"I get good loot so everyone else can shut up."

"I never experience any bugs so everyone else can shut up."

"I dont have any connection problems or server issues so everyone else can shut up."


I cant even...I just dont know where to...


I've never been thrown out of a window in a car crash, but I'm not disinclined to believe that it happens.  Yet people think, "Oh I get 12 Legos a day, everything is great.)  or, more likely, those people are exaggerating or getting all the good random numbers or experiencing a loot bug.  What?  A loot bug that increases your drops?  Sure, bugs can go both ways.


I can not for the life of me understand how a persons thought process allows for them to believe that if they dont experience a problem it doesn't exist.  (feel like a comma or two should be in there somewhere, but then....not.)

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