Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

by Straatford87

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Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Hi all,


This question of the week goes out to all you music lovers:


What's your all-time favorite game music?


Be it a specific song in a game, the intro music for a game, or perhaps the entire soundtrack - anything goes.




NOTE: looking for soundtracks from EA Games? Check out this Spotify link. Kudos to @EA_Spectre for the heads up!

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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Are we allowed remixes or fan versions? There is some stellar community content out there. 


I'll start with an easy one, the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack makes me feel feelings. It's all great but I'll choose An End Once and For All.



Final Fantasy as a series is absolutely stuffed with great music but I'll go for the easy crowd-pleaser with Final Fantasy VII's Aerith's Theme.




But hey let's not get too sad! Game music can pump you up like nothing else, and one of the prime examples of this is the famous Halo theme.


There are many versions, but I'll give my vote to the Mjolnir Mix from the 2nd game. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the cheesy rawk guitars. 




I've picked some pretty mainstream choices, but I'd love to see what other things folks like, I love discovering something new on threads like this. 


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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission (by Jack Wall) is one of my favourites.



Deus Ex Human Revolution's Icarus (by Michael McCann) is another:




Editing to add a couple more I thought of:


Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed II (by Jesper Kyd):



And also from Assassin's Creed II (and again by Jesper Kyd), Venice Rooftops (which plays appropriately enough during the rooftop race missions):



The soudtrack from Assassin's Creed II in general was amazing and contributed a lot to the atmosphere of the game and is a big reason why I still think Assassin's Creed II is the best game in that entire series.

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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

Final Fantasy VIII: Faye Wong - Eyes on me 





Command and Conquer '95: Frank Klepacki - Mechanical Man



Red Alert: Frank Klepacki Hell's March (all versions)



Icewind Dale - Jeremy Soule (whole soundtrack is amazing)


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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Remixes are allowed, whatever you want. Go wild..... Party hat




The suicide mission was nerve wrecking. To me the music really translates that feeling where you want so much for everyone to survive, but at the same time you feel the pressure of the extreme danger that you're in..




Mechnical Man! It's my all-time favorite C&C track. Hell March is another classic - great picks!


@EA_Spectre (tagging because this thread).



Here are some of my own favorites:


Mega Man X


Favorite tracks: Opening Stage, Flame Mammoth Stage, Spark Mandrill Stage, Storm Eagle Stage, Sigma Stage 1


Castlevania: - Symphony of the Night


The entire soundtrack is just amazing. Still love listening to it after all these years.


Baldur's Gate - Exploring the Plains


World of Warcraft - The Barrens


Donkey Kong Country 2 - Mining Melancholy


(Hilarious that it's in here, because the hell that was the Barrens in Vanilla WoW almost made me quit the game).


There's much more I want to add, but I want to think about them for a while first.

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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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The whole WoW Wrath of the Lich King soundtrack gives me the chills...every time...





Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the DA Origins main theme:

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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Well, you got me to see it, so now you're in for a very, VERY long post (altough I will only limit myself to the best of the best)


First of all, Need for Speed music.


Callista by Saki Kaskas (Need for Speed: High Stakes, also appearing in Mass Effect 2 and most recent NFS):


Romulus 3 by Rom Di Prisco (Need for Speed II and III):


Paradigm Shifter by Rom Di Prisco (Need for Speed: High Stakes)


Empathy by Bassnectar (Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 2012):


The Chase by C&D:


Now, for other games.


Tears by Health (Max Payne 3); I couldn't settle on whether I prefer airport or credits version, so here are both:



Pain by Health (Max Payne 3):


Silver and Dust (Dishonored 2)


Mute (Mischief) by Isaac Schankler (Analogue: A Hate Story):


The Smiths by Isaac Schankler (Analogue: A Hate Story):



Prologue by Isaac Schankler (Analogue: A Hate Story):


Hyun-ae (Innocence) by Isaac Schankler (Analogue: A Hate Story):



A Theme for Kjell by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamäki (Battlefield 4):


Das Glockenspiel by DJ Tiesto (FIFA 2002):


Redemption by Conjure One (Max Graham's Dead Sea Remix, FIFA 2002) - game uses shorter, ~3-minute bit of that track.


Downtown Theme by Rik W. Schaffer (Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines):

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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Man oh man every one of the one listed here i agree with. I just cant even start to list my favorites. Definitely Mass Effect for sure, like EA_Tom said many times the music in game just hit me hard with the situations it accompanied. I guess i will keep it simple and list the one that really got me into game music and one more after. This first one started me down the long road of listening to game music more then I did the top 40 radio music lol. Its a old one but man did i dig it back then and still now. Some great remixes of that entire games music out there. Here is the original Large smile



 Second was from the NEC Turbo Grafx / Turbo Duo days. When this came out i played the **** out of it. It is for the Sega CD as well as shown in the video but this is the same tracks as was on my Turbo Duo game. Here is the complete collection.Keep i mind this was 1995 so this was cutting edge stuff.






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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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Oh thats gonna be alot:


A Theme for Kjell [i absolutly agree with you that its amazing @spitfiresiemion)


This part of the battlefield 1 monte grappa  theme


Pokemon Sun/Moon Kahuna battle theme


Pokemon Myster Dungeon, Explorers of Sky Menu Theme


Mario Kart Double Dash: Start Menu


Super Mario World: Bonus Theme


And to not make the post pages long, im gonna stop here :D




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Re: Question of the week: All-time favorite game music?

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So many great soundtracks to choose from. Here are my picks in no particular order:


Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2


Final Fantasy VI


Here's the ending music of Final Fantasy VI, which is a medley featuring all of the main characters' leitmotifs. I don't know any other soundtrack, game or movie, that has so many catchy tunes.


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