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Re: Question for PC players

by Mast3rMirror

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Re: Question for PC players

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For the main reason of avoiding the hackers and cheaters in the PC version of this game today. How many of you PC players would consider playing on a console if native Keyboard and Mouse support was added to this game.

I think the quesiton OP asked is a little misinformed/misguided.


Yes, there are some PC Hackers/Aimbots/Cheaters.


And I use my PC for way more than just APEX Legends. 


Like, pretty much all the Total War games.


Also, people seem to forget that Console players do have hackers, they are simply harder to find, compared to some regions in the PC Gaming world.


Now if I used my PC to ONLY play APEX, and I was gaming in a region like China, then yes, a Console with a Keyboard & Mouse might be for me.


But there still is the issue of gaming at 60 or under 60 FPS.


and when you make the switch to Keyboard+Mouse, higher-than-60-FPS makes all the difference to your gaming experience

1. In my OP I said for “this game”. Sure in general it can apply to others. For example I’ve read in forums how the hacking in PC PUBG is horrible with millions banned and yet they come back. I’ve read in the BO4 and Battlefield V forums that PC cheating is pretty common there also. But in my OP I was generally asking the people in this forum. 


2. Console players do not have hackers, we simply don’t have access to game files to add or delete .exe commands. Sure console players take advantage of in game glitches, but that is far from hacking game files and changing the machanics of the game. 

I play bfv regularly and I 've played titanfall 2 alot.   Sure there are hackers,  But no way is it as noticeable.  Partly because bfv has 32 players per team.    and Titanfall 2 has a great matchmaker with good team balance so matches are almost always competitive.

Titanfall 2 does a much better job with fair play then BFV because they have a team balancer so even when someone quits teams don't stay stacked.

You notice hackers alot more,  when teams are not balanced.  period.  Never have I seen speed bots  in any of those games ever, not once.    and  aimbots are extremely rare.   The only thing I suspect I see sometimes is wall bots but I could also be wrong most of the time.  I probably see obvious cheaters in those games only a couple times a year and I play everyday.

I think once respawn takes measures to stop alot of glitch exploits,  penalize poor sportsmanship and  have ranked skill matched queues there will be alot less cheaters too.

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Re: Question for PC players

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not going to buy ps4 just for this game . so prob wont
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