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Question about what happens when Anthem shuts down.

by NemoTheImp

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Re: Question about what happens when Anthem shuts down.

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They should already have given and should continue to refund anyone that wants it.  This game was a flat out lie and we shouldn’t be punished fir believing further lies that they would get the game playable in the coming months.  They haven’t.

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Re: Question about what happens when Anthem shuts down.

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I just want my $60 back

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Re: Question about what happens when Anthem shuts down.

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@MaireDevylin wrote:

In regards to what SofaJuckeyUK said, those are all single player games with a multiplayer mode. ME3 and DA:I were well received well and good games. ME:A was not received well and was abandoned within the year while the multiplayer component is still active, wonky but active.


This is a multiplayer co-op game with a single-player mode. Big difference. If the multiplayer part fails, the game fails. The game has been out for 10 weeks now, after two weeks the single-player mode is done and all you are left with is the broken, repetitive, unrewarding primary mode. 

I’m sorry, but...


Mass Effect 3? Was received... well? As a single player game, it... kinda wasn’t. Not at release, and not even after the Extended Cut DLC. The Leviathan DLC managed to make the overall story arc seem at least vaguely coherent, but even then many considered it to be too little, too late. That game was also pretty much the main reason Andromeda had to be set in another galaxy. Multiplayer was fun though.


And I wasn’t really reading the forums much by the time Inquisition rolled out, but from the friends that were, my understanding is that the forums were just as full of people saying “DA:I is **** go play Witcher 3” as they are today with the people talking **** about Anthem. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the ****show people made of the forums when Inquisition lauched was the reason that the new BSN was shut down for good and the developers gave up on the idea of ever talking to the “fans” directly again. Its multiplayer was also a bit on the **** side, in all honesty. My understanding is that it also was also outsourced to a third party and kinda butchered the lore, to the point where the writers weren’t happy with it either.


But both are fondly remembered now, in comparison to Anthem and Andromeda, when it’s convenient for the sake of the argument. Peculiar.


I would also argue that Andromeda was a good game as well. The main reason it was abandoned within a year, was probably the fact that they needed all hands on deck for Anthem around that time. The auxiliary reason for shutting it down may have been the fact that getting Platinum gear in that game (without sinking obnoxious amounts of money into it) was even harder than getting Legendaries in Anthem, and APEX chests (that had guaranteed chance of Platinum stuff dropping at all – never mind getting the ones you actually want) cost $40 per and were literally only sold on holidays. Even though by the time Andromeda rolled out, most people were getting preetty fed up with the loot crate model in general. 


And hey, Anthem has story as well. In fact, although I haven’t specifically timed it, I’m pretty sure Anthem’s core story at release is at least as long as the core story in any other recent Bioware game, if not longer. It may have fewer side quests (although I’m not entirely sure about that either), but in Anthem those sidequests form their own stort arcs, instead of just being just a bunch of markers on the map you have to visit while barely remembering what all the twenty quests you have in your journal are all about.


The one major thing that makes Anthem different from Dragon Age or Mass Effect series, is the fact that it has no AI companions – though it’s partially offset by the fact that you have NPCs in the fort talking to you through the missions. It also currently has no romances. But as far as multiplayer is concerned, Anthem multiplayer is leaps and bounds better than ME3 or Andromeda’s endless horde mode on repeat.


Sure, it could still be better (and it likely will get better, at some point), but... let’s just be real and keep things in perspective when comparing Anthem to previous games.

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