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by GraveledStoopid

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Until this game addresses how points are awarded in online games, including what constitutes a vanquish and assist, this is as good as it gets. The games are terribly lopsided most times, not just because of poor match making, but also how points are awarded. Why engage in a battle when I can just run around and 1-piece those at low life in battle. Do the least amount of damage and become vanquish master all the while contributing very little teamwork in a team based game. A fine example of this is the lack of addressing any type of defensive stop/maneuver with meaningful points towards awards podium. 

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Re: PvP

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They really should have rewards for overall damage caused. World of Tanks gives someone who gets the killing attack a slight bonus but you still get a big chunk of xp for raw damage caused, and will get more xp if you did 90% of the damage to an enemy vehicle than the person who shot it once and finished it off.


They did add objective master to TT and removed vanquish streak from that mode which was a good change, but you're right, it's not enough. GW1 and 2 always had this problem too, seeing a cactus that just hid at the back and sniped the entire time without even looking at the objective but had a top performer badge always felt off, and at least they are addressing it now, but it needs more points for playing the objectives over farming kills. 


Edit: added badge text to the cactus line.

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Re: PvP

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Absolutely. Everyone always talks about ‘no I in team’ verbal trash, then rewards the prima donna stats. Why doesn’t the sun flower get a damage boost when tethered to someone else in battle? I’m assuming it’s probably the same reason that they don’t reward defending a point in a game like suburbination. The entire game is easily won if you just run from point to point and never engage in battle. This is the equivalent of playing running bases online. Most of what people currently dislike can easily be solved with point/reward/award adjustments. People play to achieve a status and have fun, currently this is the model that the system currently forces. Hopefully the right people see this and take it into consideration. 

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Re: PvP

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I actually wanted to make a topic about that...


The TL;DR of it is suggestion would go like this:

Remove Assists... All players who damage an enemy even by little should get a vanquish credit for it... (BUT... the game should still record everything in the background as-is for metrics and data collection.. who finished who and who assisted)

Add Damage Dealt... This would show the amount of damage that hero have caused to other heroes (not to shields, or maybe they should include shield damage with it?) (Heroes like Cactus, Deadbeard, Engineer, Snapdragon... might fit into this category, they'll deal huge damage, but the victims might escape the final blow.) 

Add Damage Blocked/Negated... This means that you've managed to withstand that amount of damage. You could play Oak with Acorns above you who heal you and assist you in negating enemy damage. This should apply to defensive heroes mostly since they all have "Health Regeneration" related upgrades.

Add Final Blows... Players who had actually dealt the final blows (This would make Final Blows the new Top Vanquishes) (I see heroes of high fire rate fitting this category more, as well as flankers like Imp and Nightcap.)



All of that should reduce the amount of topics of "buff Rose" "buff Sunflower"...etc since those classes were intended to be the way they are in a team-based shooter. Those classes will still get many vanquishes in the new system and get rewarded handsomely for their assists. In the current system, certain classes seem like they're "under performing" and "why would I pick them.." when in fact they have much utility and have big impact (such as Rose or even Sunflower).


The new system should also encourage players to pick different roles to obtain those new boasts.

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Re: PvP

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@GammaX6 All sound like great options I’m willing to try! 👍
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