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Re: PvP players are nowhere near this Caustic

by zdragonlord

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Re: PvP players are nowhere near this Caustic

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Said it once, will say it again:
PvP needs to stay far the f away from Anthem.

It would absolutely destroy the game balance, builds, community, and enjoyment of the game.

Look at Destiny. "Hey, this stuff is overused, primarily in PvP, let's just nerf the living hell out of it. There, fixed."
No freaking thanks.

Want a mech shooter, go play titanfall. Want a mech flight/gunplay sim, go play armored core or gundam. Want a flight shooter, go back to CoD and D2. Simple as that. Why everything nowadays must have PvP by people's standards is beyond me...
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Re: PvP players are nowhere near this Caustic

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I haven’t seen any toxic or caustic behavior






Uh huh - yeah he said that


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