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Problems with the current state of Battlefield V

by itsmastadoom65

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Problems with the current state of Battlefield V

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Product: Battlefield V
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Please specify your platform model. Microsoft Xbox One X
Which part of the game is the issue happening in? Multiplayer
Which part of the mode? Breakthrough
Please select your region North America
On which server did this happen? North America
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 15 July, 2019
Summarize your bug In message below
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play the game
What happens when the bug occurs? General Game breaking bugs and immersion breaking problems.
What should be happening instead? A better product

Hi Everyone,

I like many of you have been playing this Franchise for well over 10 years and am both disheartened and disappointed in the state of the game. There are many issues not limited to gameplay, but also to content, flow, and identity of the franchise. I am here to address some of these problems that I have with the game, which of course are my OPINIONS, which means take it with a grain of salt.


Currently there are several issues with the game regarding flow. Primarily what I see as the biggest obstacle to this game succeeding is bugs and gunplay mechanics. First and foremost, hit registration and the presence of visual artifacts not limited to invisible soldiers and visibility issues. I find myself quite often frustrated when I am on a map such as Hamada and am running around the map with my LMG and could not for the life of me see any enemy soldiers until I am roughly 10 meters away from them. The lack of a spotting system makes it extremely difficult and frustrating for players trying to get into this game. I get that the 3d spotting system was an issue in the past, as in that it allowed players to always have a tab on the enemy, essentially completely eliminating the element of surprise. Second is the invisible player issue which I despite the recent Xbox hot fix has still occurred in multiple situations, especially in Hamada and Mercury. This primarily happens in long-range engagements with non-scoped weapons(i.e not the 3x 6x and snipers). Third, hit registration has been inconsistent at best. Sometimes I find myself emptying a mag into an enemy who is prone and it not registering any damage whatsoever, or extreme levels of hitreg where enemies will be aiming in the wrong areas and missing my character, and it resulting in hits (My ping is 32). Fourth, character animation models for the xbox one x have been buggy as well. I will go to get revived by a fellow squamate and his character model is completely polygonal and unrendered. This to me is unacceptable as there was never a problem with bf1 in regards to rendering animation models. In addition, on station weapons and on tanks, barrels to the main gun will also remain polygonal and unrendered. There are more issues I am sure, but that's to be expected from the level of unprofessionalism DICE Sweden has had towards this game. otherwise, gunfighting and shooting weapons seems to be somewhat enjoyable, however without the spotting system and how tiresome the current revival setting is, gunplay is at best slow and clunky. The META of the game is broken.


Now onto the problems I have with gunplay/game content/Cosmetics.

For one, the mechanics with Machine Guns in the game are currently horrible and clunky. I expect from a ww2 shooter some level of faith to the real thing, but not a complete simulation of real life. If I wanted to run around with a S2-200, I expect to be able to use it in long-range engagements without having to go through the process of finding some rock or to go prone in order to shoot it through long distances. I would understand f this mechanic was applied to guns such as the MG34 and the MG42, however the current application of this weapon to half of the current machine guns is completely outrageous and screws with the support classes role as a mobile resupply station for ammunition. If you are to keep this mechanic of needing to set up your bipod to ADS, at least bring in needed buffs to the damage and fire rate of the weapons. I.e. increase the damage and fire rate of the MG42, MG34, and S2-200. Second, the entire revive system is broken and only serves to hurt the flow of the game. When you are shot and downed in any mode your character has the option obviously to call for help or give up. This mechanic although seeming "immersive" and adding to the sense of war and dread to this game only serves as a means of frustration, and as a break in the immersion. Every time you are downed, being forced to choose between calling for help and giving up tires you out. I get the design choice behind the addition of this mechanic, but it doesn't do anything to improve the game at all. Plus the sudden stop in the game and the refocusing of the player to 'help please get me,' really only breaks the flow of gameplay. The system in which medics are the only ones that can actually revive using a reviving tool, whatever that may be was superior in every way to the existing system, and did not break the flow of the game. In addition, the length at which this "struggle" is currently at is too long. What should happen is that your character should "die" like it does in all the other Battlefields and a medic has the option to revive you with a tool if they can. This increases the flow of the gameplay at makes it less clunky. Third, is the voice lines for the characters of the game. I think with the current state of the game, the voice lines from each soldier/comrade you fight with on each map is too common and immersion breaking. I don't want to hear "hello old friend" for the thousandth time on Fjell. Making these emotes less common and increasing the amount of tactical emotes that don't sound like someone trying too hard to sound like a soldier (i.e. throwing a bomb chap) just say (Throwing a grenade) or rather don't say anything at all would actually add to the immersion and make the game sound less like a bunch of adults at a costume party. Next the lack of customization for weapons, and diversity in weapons is outright disturbing for a battlefield game. I like many others in this game am quickly losing interest in playing because of the lack of weapon alternatives. In previous battlefields such as BC2, BF3, BF4, and BF1, we had a wide range of weapons to choose from and to switch it up to when the gunplay got boring. In this game, weapon not only sound and react homogeneously, but they tend to not be interesting too. In fact, some of the weapons in this game are recycled from the previous Battlefield, which I find to be unacceptable. I expect from a ww2 game for there to be a wide variety of weapons and customization. Finding just the right niche for your weapon and running with that. Playing with attachments, scopes, and variants of a weapon has always been a strong suite for the Battlefield series. I just do not see that with this current game it is disappointing. Bring in the M1 Grand, Browning, PPSH, BAR, OWEN gun, Grease Gun, Austen, Springfield, Ag M42, Mosin, Breda, etc. Sidearms too seemed to be recycled from the last game as well. There NEEDS to be more variety or this game will die before the pacific theatre is released. Going back to cosmetics and voice lines. Characters need to look more the part. Outfits and uniforms do not look historically accurate, and those which are, are usually hidden behind coins In addition, the characters models i.e. Monika, Elizabeth, Peter are look like they are attempts by Dice to turn DICE sweden employees into character models for the game. I do not understand why this is the case, especially since in the last game, character models looked extremely lifelike and unique to each faction. The recycling of character models is lazy and more needs to be done. In addition, another peeve of mine is that each character model is Bald, when most soldiers during that time period had hair. I have zero qualms with there being women in this game, however, the fact that almost all of them just look like men with emaciated and hairless faces just makes me want to question "why even bother." If you are going to add women to the game, at least make them look like women LMAO. Plus, adding more character customization, perhaps maybe adding a section where you can, oh I don't know, design your own character to your own liking, would do a lot for the game. Surprisingly, I found that the beta models for each of these characters actually looked better than the base game, so what happened? Giving these characters more life, and more personality than seeming like a bunch of cancer patients running around in fake ww2 gear, would do a lot for the game. Going back to cosmetics again, which is what DICE seems to be more focused on rather than fixing the present bugs. We need the base unlock items for both the allied and german factions to actually be more historically accurate. The current uniforms look like adaptions or interpretations of what the real thing should look like. Specifically, the german base outfit looks nothing of what a standard wehrmacht uniform is. Same going for the Allied Troops. Lack of hair for each of these soldiers and helmets being too big really creates a wacky cosmetic situation for anyone who hasn't spent real world money on Boins to buy the elite skins. Plus the stahlhelm for the germans seems to also be a bit off.

When it comes to map design. They all seem incredibly uninspired and in areas that no one cares about. If you want to bring back the traditional Battlefield community, develop maps of historically important battles. Players want to fight in Stalingrad, they want to fight in the Ardennes, They want to fight in Berlin, Paris, Dunkirk, Italy, China, Baltics, Finland and so on. We don't really care about the "unseen theatre of war" especially if that unseen theatre is developed with basic assumptions that run contrary to the factual history that actually happened (butchering of the nordic campaign by DICE). The emphasis on things like building and so called immersion destroys what this game really should be, which is a game. DICE is trying to hard to make Battlefield V an "Experience." If I wanted to play a war game that was similar in mechanic and grittiness to real life, I'd go play Airsoft with some friends. Battlefield V needs to be more like a video game, and less like a guided experience through what DICE thinks is WW2. Be more like a video game, and less like simulation, that's what will allow this installment to succeed.


Sorry for the sloppy grammar. That is my rant/things wrong with the game. I really want this game to succeed with the bottom of my heart, but at the moment I just don't think either the community or the game is there for it to flourish. Dice's apathy and lack of action too is also progressively killing the game, along with misplaced priorities (i.e. launching new elite skins without fixing problems). Please, I beg you DICE to do something. There is so much potential with Battlefield V that you are not capitalizing upon. This can be a great game, you just need to push it in the right direction.

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Re: Problems with the current state of Battlefield V

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First of all you did a good job of putting this together, even though I think this would better fit in the Game Information Thread for the game. Standard smile

I do agree with a lot of points you talked about and just today Levelcap uploaded a video with lost features from the Battlefield franchise, that go in a similar direction. I don´t think that most of the changs you and Levelcap ask for could even be implemented in BFV anymore, but I would love to see those things finding their way in the next title.


But there are a couple of points, that I strongly disagree with. First of all I think that LMGs and MMGs are balanced very well. I personally don´t like using the MMGs for the same reasons you pointed out, but the damage any accuracy of those weapons when bipoded is insane and easily compensates the lack of being able to ADS with them. An addition, the support class does have shotguns as well so in my opinion it it the most diversified class in the game.

Furthermore, I do think, that the new revive system is a huge improvement to the game. It is your own decision if you want to wait for a revive or just go back to the spawn screen and after the last patch you can choose to bleed out even faster. The ability to revive squadmates is a great adition as well and rewards players for staying together with their squad. In previous titles you would find you squad spread out way more often.

Removing the 3D spotting system is one of the best additions to the game, that came with this itteration, and it improves the gameplay experience in so many ways. So I hope, that we will never go back to the old system. I do agree that the ping system that does only work within the squad isn´t the perfect solution. Back in BF2 there was a ping system where you could choose what type of enemy (soldier, tank, heli, boat,...) you are spotting and it did display on the map for everyone. I think a combination of the and the existing system would be a good solution.

Saying that WE don´t care about the unseen theatres of war is not really fitting in my opinion. Speaking for me, I actually don´t care about the place of a battle what so ever if the map plays out well. In my eyes they can make up locations and I wouldn´t care.


In the end I still agree with a lot of your points (e.g. weapons customization, hit registration and weapon selection) and I liked you post. Standard smile

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Re: Problems with the current state of Battlefield V

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I must say this toxicity and the level of flame I recently hear is getting worse and worse (for all games/franchises). And it is starting to annoy the f out of me. People just keep watching these toxic youtuber idiots(not Levelcap ) who play ragemode over some minor bugs and annoyances that one usualy just shrugs of and plays on over if they even get noticed at all by the majority of players. Just to get more views. And then everyone else playing the game start these toxic * rants like this one. Especially after they get stomped cause they don´t want to or just aren´t able to adapt to change within their gameplay. They can´t even distinguish between bug, product enhancement, error or opinion.


of course this is not a bug report but rather an opinion piece, maybe someone can move this thread to community?


To counter some of your points here

LMG / MG balance is balanced very well and should not be changed just cause you cannot adapt to a situation. They are supposed to play different and you are supposed to have to kill them differently. If you would play all the classes the same way, why even have different classes. Its quite fine how it is.

Taking off the spotting was one of the best choices they made for the franchise. Cause before that u just spam spotting and then shoot ot the market which was kinda stupid. Especially since in BF V the maps are more open and many thing rely on smoke gameplay.

About seeing lying down enemies. You are supposed to see enemies who are hiding worse than those that aren´t. What else would the porpuse of hiding and lying down be? Personally I don´t even use lying down cause you can still be spotted too well and if you start shooting you are dead after one or two enemies where as with an active stand you could have killed 5 ppl. And you shred through the enemies just as well with and MG while standing.

I personally liked the war of attrition as it is a balancing trade and I don´t like that they went back on it a bit with taking resupply for yourself from other players, decreasing teamplay. Tho it fits into the current direction the franchise is going to more chaos driven, not individualy dominated game modes and maps. War of attrition kinda capped the skill of high end players as well as extremely defensive players a little bit.

While on the other hand, I find these chaos driven game modes extremely stupid they have also added squad conquest and Firestorm for more skill based players which is more my domain, but thats my personal opinion and nothing I need to * about online. The frenchise direction is nothing I have a right about complaining over just because I play their games and think its stupid.

I have some problems with rendering though. I think with specific settings some parts are not rendering correctly and look extremely pixeled, e.g. trees,bushes. I haven´t tested it though if this changes after I set everything back on high/ultra. But I don´t * about it either cause I set many of my settings to low and before I don´t know whats wrong I have no right to complain about something I don´t really understand

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