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Problem with new update and content!

by Shakh69

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Problem with new update and content!

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I will start will saying I truly love this game! It’s to much fun and amazing! But why is it that when I originally played on hard I got most my masterwork and then continued to masterwork 1 and got less results with hour of gameplay on it. Hour and hours and then after the so called fix still horrible drop rates. Switched again to GM2 today to finally maybe get better loot and only. Is in hours upon hours of gameplay got one legendary and another masterwork that mattered. I have no issue on GM2 or going onto 3 but why is it still horrible to try and get masterwork and legendary (again only 1 in who knows how many hours of gameplay after endgame?) this is ridiculous, mind you I see people constantly getting them... how is this possible?? So the harder I play and longer... I get zilch still.. again love this game but this is annoying now. You pushed a fix but it seems to barely do a damn thing for people and a small part given everything they needed to max out.. so how does this loot system work then after end game and play GM1/2/3 ?? Because it doesn’t seem like any change..

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