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Priority auto pick

by SirYenkoYT

Original Post

Priority auto pick

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This is just me but I'd like to propose an idea to choose a priority of what characters you'd like to play. Too often I'm checking social media and other stuff out while between searching games and it seems that i'm always auto picked on a character i don't even want. It would be cool to have a priority list of what characters you'd prefer to play. For example:


Auto pick priority:

Legend #1

Legend #2 - if legend 1 is not available


so on and so forth.

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Re: Priority auto pick

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I would really like this as well.


I often take a quick restroom break between matches, or go to the kitchen to make a coffee, or get a nice cold vanilla coke.


Sometimes you come back to find out the game gave you Gibraltar or Caustic haha.


I try and make the best of it while i'm there but damn man, it's hard playing the thicc bois. Kinda feels like everyone is aim-botting lol.

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Re: Priority auto pick

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If you select your Legend in the lobby prior to joining it will auto select that Legend as long as someone does not select it first. If that does happen and you don't select it will auto select for you.


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Re: Priority auto pick

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Well he doesn't need help understanding how to pick a legend. He knows how it works and the random auto pick problem.
He is suggesting a very good idea to be able to select Auto pick and put your favourite legends.

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Re: Priority auto pick

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Amazing idea everytime it auto picks for me I am gilbrator every single time and it makes no sense all it need to ask is top three and it would be done

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