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Re: Praise!

by Gabrielmojo26

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Re: Praise!

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@DaAceXD wrote:



I need him in a good condition or else he won't be angry all the time.

He will still win games but wihtout the fun!


Also you must be doing something with your ballz becouse riding him Requires you to have trained them somehow.

I call hypocrit!

At least 50 levels of training required to ride the seth.

Your controller is just as dirty as my mouse!



For the record,


With mouse i meen the device i use to move my crosshair and pointer on the PC.

Not my pet.

That would be disgusting!


Just saying, because i think people think im a terrible person.

And i don't want to give them more ammo to shoot me!

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Re: Praise!

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★★ Guide

If ridding Seth solo makes me a hypocrite, then so be it.

We can share, but then we’d be Eiffle towering him, controller and mouse, does that make us cross-platformers?

And what if we threw in a level 100 Leviathan in the mix?


Edit; Let's not bring the Leviathan, he'd destroy Seth's hitbox.

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