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Please revert the last patch until everything is sorted out

by Ir0n_One

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Re: Please revert the last patch until everything is sorted out

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@Ir0n_One wrote:

Bringing up this discussion I feel like I have to justify my believing that there is indeed game breaking issues introduced with this patch. In my opinion it does not require a bug/change affecting each and every player to be game breaking, so if you do not have any problems with the latest patch that is good for you.

However some of these issues affect large groups of players. For now I will be focusing on the things that affect me and that I know affect lots and lots of others as well.


1st: The custom fps cap being removed and fixed at 144fps for all PC players. Not being able to get any higher than 144 limits the utilization of high frequency monitors which is basically inacceptable nowadays on pc. Not being able to cap at a custom refresh rate makes it impossible to effectively use Gsync/Freesync which is a very widely used technology. It also can cause issues for streamers because of CPU bottleneck specifically with this game and streaming software. In my case the game running at 144fps constantly without drops on my 120Hz Gsync monitor causes heavy stutter that is so annoying. I am used to Gsync but can not even reproduce such stuttering in other games with it turned of. Before the patch I could limit to 118fps with Gsync enabled and everything was buttersmooth.


2nd: The sliding accuracy bug. At least for a major part of the player base slide and shoot is literally 30% of the fights in this game if not more. Bullets going all over the place when ADSing in a slide puts you at a serious disadvantage and I do not get how this is not game breaking. Popular players like Shroud commented on that already and even stopped playing the game for now because of that.


I also can not understand the argument of crying for content and now crying again as it is not about the content. They could have added content without touching mechanics. Nobody asked for changes like removing startup commands or bhopping (which became an essential skill gap feature btw). If they touch mechanics I would at least ask for the changes not introducing numereous new bugs. Finally I do still think that a reaction time of 1 week or more is totally unacceptable for bugs like these. You would never see something like this staying in the game for such a long time looking at the competitors. I really like Apex but the game is not looking at a bright future if it remains to be treated like this by its devs.


Everyone wanted autoexec removed, including streamers. Mendokusaii has literally made numerous video's addressing game breaking cheats to be used with autoexec commands, like being able to toggle smoke and particle effect on and off with a dedicated keybind.


The streamers and esports guys didnt ask for Bhop removal, but respawn made it explicitly clear it undermined an intended mechanic of being slowed while healing.


And sliding inaccuracy is not even remotely game breaking.


Game breaking would be if guns randomly stopped working half of the time. You seem to think that a slight inconvenience equals "game breaking".


It does not.

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Re: Please revert the last patch until everything is sorted out

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agreed, in the UK the lag is unbareable since the patch!

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Re: Please revert the last patch until everything is sorted out

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Yes game is very laggy after new update like never before for me and my frends also crash many times 

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