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Please optimize this game and fix it

by CanadianION

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Please optimize this game and fix it

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Hi I would like to send a complaint this game needs updates and some attention needs a lot of bug fixes as well you pick up a shot gun hit someone point blank hit every shot and do only 10 to 20 damage like that's not how that works people are getting tired of waiting on updates for people that play your game they want to see updates they want the game to progress and get better 

please do something this is getting repetitive 


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Re: Please optimize this game and fix it

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@CanadianION either the servers or the graphics themselfs have went down 20 fps since last patch?? jerky mess in a lot of places of the map, Its not my pc or ISP. I played just fine and REALLY smooth until this last patch, Now its junk
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Re: Please optimize this game and fix it

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@Huntinwabits Same man same idk why they aren't updating they game its ridiculous if your gonna tell the community your gonna fix all these bugs and servers and stuff at least be honest and do it respawn isn't very good at doing so like idk why there making titan fall 3 everyone is saying there not buying it so why are they making that game like fix the game you said you were goin to fix respawn needs to listen to the community like i have never played a game that has been made by a popular company and the game is this bad 


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