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Re: Player Council

by WindowsManTv_CZE

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Player Council

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What precisely is the "Player Council" mentioned on the Technical Playtest page? Is it related to the Game Changers Program?

More importantly, what does the selection process look like?

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Re: Player Council

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Oh man, I totally missed that... this is a good question.  Will need to look at that.

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Re: Player Council

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Sounds like either existing EA Game changers or content creators that get to play the game and tell everyone how it is. 


They said it would include veterans but I haven't seen veterans valued since BF3. Doubt it actually has anything to do with being a veteran to the franchise.

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Re: Player Council

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Yeah, after reviewing that... it is likely to include Game Changers as @Papzotic said.  Having been in some of the recent closed Alpha / Beta tests for BF1 and BFV, it is also likely to be phased and gradually opened up to more and more people.   I was usually a mid- to late-phase tester in those situations.  So, there is hope that you could be included in those playtests, but I suspect only EA DICE and perhaps Game Changers know anything currently.

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Re: Player Council

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@Flare_dE Hey my feeling is that it is like a selection of specific people who have known to be playing with a lot of experience, say like JackFrags or youtubers/ creators/ ex pro players and all that, that play "A LOT" and they would represent the players side (all of us who will be playing/ customers ) voice. Like a board of directors I guess but for the players side ( like how does this feel that feel, is this OP or is that lacking )
I kinda only assume they have a list of go to people (players with A LOT of experience/ play time in the franchise ) outside of their company.

Is just my guess if that makes any sense.
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Re: Player Council

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I've been playing since battlefield 1942 and have more hours in the series than anybody else, so I'm expecting an invitation email. 😉

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Re: Player Council

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It's basically just for YouTubers and streamers. Herp derp influencers..

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Re: Player Council

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They say veterans but what they really mean is you have to have a million followers on YouTube or twitch. Real veterans of the game probably won't be selected.

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Re: Player Council

Hello @Flare_dE

Only people from EA Community Program (EA Game Changers) will be invited into BATTLEFIELD 2042 PlayTest.

EA can't invite people from public as the PlayTest is under NDA and people would break the NDA just because they want to try BATTLEFIELD 2042 so EA is carefull about it. Standard smile
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Re: Player Council

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@WindowsManTv_CZE Well that sux for everyone else that isnt a youtube diva then?

Infact all that is going to do is let these game changers give the devs a bunch of utter rubbish idea's and feedback that all suits how they like to play and screw the rest.
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