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Pilot data error

by Robblock97

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Re: Pilot data error

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Yup! It's been wonky ever since the fix for the rash of pilot errors on Friday. I'm currently connected to and my sub 30 latency jumps to almost 200 when it hits their server. I guess I should  be happy there is no packet loss, but I'm not. Disappointed

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Re: Pilot data error

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@TheRealNichivo  Today went really well no server shutdown msg in the middle of Freeplay, and everything seems back to normal, but yeah, Friday and Saturday were a mess, and like I said I've been lucky enough to never have disconnects, pilot errors etc.


Here's hoping things improve for the people out there experiencing wonky servers! Raised eyebrow

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Re: Pilot data error

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Anyone on PS4 I posted a solution in that forum.  I think it was suggested by someone here and it worked for me.  Kudos to them.

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