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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

by BinaryKiller1337

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Pilot as a Legend?

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I am wondering if Respawn Entertainment could make a Pilot into Apex Legends, as the Apex games are happening 30-40 years after Titanfall 2....



Here is the idea :


Pilot Passive : Better Accuracy while aiming any gun


Pilot Q : Drop a turret that lasts for 30 seconds but you also have to feed it ammo


Pilot Z : Drop down a Reaper that can help out in a hard situation where 2 or 3 squads are in one area fighting your squad


I think this is gonna be a good thing, but also, I don't know how OverPowered the reapers are, as when I see them in Titanfall 2 they don't do that much other than aiming randomly around the area just to shoot at something.... but, it is worth a try. 

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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

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this thought has crossed many of our minds. I believe a pilot will eventually enter the ring too. 

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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

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oh I was. thinking accuracy same as standing still or even crouching while on zip line. this way he could synergize with pathfinder 

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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

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Yeah, I thought the same :P

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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

Community Manager

Pretty cool idea @BinaryKiller1337 and thanks for taking the time to share it with the community.


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Re: Pilot as a Legend?

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Awesome that you thought this is a cool idea, I am still thinking of other ideas that could be cool to put in Standard smile
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