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Pet Peeves List

by Bruinz77

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Re: Pet Peeves List

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Looking back at the times when I had to carry my 20 kilo crt monitor, computer case and peripherals for 1 km, to a friend's house, to have a game party while his parents were on holiday. We had to borrow network cards and cables, try all sort of drivers until finding one compatible, to be able to play quake 1, 2, then 3, unreal tournament and so on, at 640x480 and probably 20-24 fps. Network and cables were often failing, mice kept breaking, processors and videocards were overheating, there was little sleep, junk food, limited playerbase but we were still happy.


Now, should I cry that my bullet went through a Pathfinder that one time, putting me at a disadvantage of 18 damage points or enjoy the fact that I get to play with people from all over the globe, in conditions that dozens of times better than a few decades ago?


...I do hate leavers, though Standard smile

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