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Patch Notes: Client Release 15

by EA_Roger

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Patch Notes: Client Release 15

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Community Manager

Hello community!


We are going to start updating you more on large client updates that we make so that you know exactly what is going into each major update.


First off, just to generalize, there are two types of updates to the game: content and client.

Content updates can happen pretty quickly within a week, such as the emergency fix we just deployed today to address a few issues around the new Spaceball campaign and some sets that needed to be corrected.

Client Release updates usually involve big fixes and feature updates that can only be done client side, such as the Fantasy Expansion Draft or addressing the lag issue. These updates usually happen every few months due to the level of planning and work that is required. You know when a Client Release update has happened when you need to download an update off the Apple Store/Google Play.

We number the Client Release updates and right now we are on R15. When we make some small changes to the main update, we number them R15.1, R15.2, etc.


Live Date for R15: June 17, 2019

Here are some updates we made in this update:

  • Fixed issues with the Remind me button for events

  • Fixed the buzzer beater ability not charging at all in a Game of the Night Event

  • Fixed an issue with Wins and Losses not properly resetting on first win refreshed events

  • Auction filters for players will no longer display tokens and coach cards

  • When opening inventory packs, users will no longer be taken to the top of their inventory

  • Updated the Message of the Day to no longer take new players away from their FTUE experience

  • Program icons in the Auction House no longer overflow from their allocated space

  • Multiple Crash and Stability issues have been addressed as well


UPDATE: R15.1 release on July 15, 2019

  • This release will reduce the lag users are experiencing. Varying by device, some users may still encounter a lag upon launch of the game. We are still researching this issue and will update you on our progress.

Massive thanks to EA_Jenny for trying to keep us into the loop for any NBA Live Mobile updates.




The NBA Live Team. 

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Rif.: Patch Notes: Client Release 15

★ Apprentice

Hello Roger! I stopped playing with this update. Showdown sets are absurd, disrespectful and unsatisfying compared to the hours of play and money lvl is 100. We tried to point out this on reddit, 88 upvote for a post is no small feat. Simply scroll through the posts to see the overall average of the votes, and understand that 88 upvotes are enough to make you think.


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Rif.: Patch Notes: Client Release 15

Community Manager
@3Punti I'm sorry to hear that, I for one was happy that they added higher OVR players in the showdown sets, I play a fair amount of showdown and my Souvenir Cups & Pennant were stacking up. That's my perspective anyways and I know there are a fair few people who don't agree with it over on Reddit. If it's on Reddit with that many votes, it means that Jenny & The NBA LM studio have seen it. The fact that they don't reply doesn't mean they haven't seen it.
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