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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

by Silz616

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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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you made some adjustments to make the gun hitting the target better and asked for videos of it not working so good. at the end of the video i will post i fight bangalor, she appears to shoot me but i take no damage. i shoot her some times too and she shoes no floating damage.


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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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@4_R_3 wtf is that noise

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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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@7Cyanide wrote:

@4_R_3 wtf is that noise

t ara remixed

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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

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When is pathfinder hitbox getting fixed is a major question??
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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

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@BPD027 wrote:

@Silz616If by "resolved", you mean that the first skin you must purchase still costs approximately 20 dollars (1,800 apex coins).  So that you can then use your legend tokens to purchase the additional skin, then the issue is not resolved by any means, not even close.  If I purchase a skin for approximately 20 dollars I can then use my legend tokens to purchase the additional skin for 6,500 to 10,500.  So in order for me to spend all of my legend tokens of 80k I could spend over $200... TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.  So EA is still thieving (or greedy which ever you prefer) at an overwhelming amount. 


Also that does not resolve the "legendary" banners, prestige level up earnings... no apex packs, and glitches.  So the update is garbage and I won't be exploited by EA just because they are the greediest gaming company around.      

@BPD027 Wow.... Think you misunderstood... massively.


You do know the store wasn't displaying legend token skins as it normally does when I posted that. I take it (guessing because you didn't quote it) that the post you are replying to? My post was in relation to the store being fixed so it would show what it has from day one i.e the legendary skins bought with legend tokens.


For the record, I don't buy skins anyway, I craft them. You can have legendary skins owned already which mean you can just pick up the secondary skin just using legend points. I don't buy skins because they are not worth it to me. You never see them anyway. Here's some advice, just don't buy them. Simple that isn't it?


Edit: Looks like I've replied to a poster with x1 angry post to their name. Lovely.

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