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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

by PsYc0SlAyEr5

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Re: Upcoming Patch notes


Generally, it's nice to reduce the sounds. But you've reduced a lot. Doesn't recognize sound until other player reaches 3-5 meters.

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Serious problem after patch 20.05.2019

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"We have also addressed some of the other mix issues with the game, including increasing the volume of close proximity enemy footsteps and lowering the overall volume of the game from the character select screen to the end of the drop sequence. We will continue to monitor mix issues and address them as necessary."


This is causing volume problems in game where:

-Footsteps are extremely amplified

-Gunfire extremely loud

-In game menu very quiet in volume

-Music very quiet


This makes it almost impossible to keep adjusting volume making the game problamatic. Please revert the volume settings as before

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dam hitbox fixes for pathfinder and wraith, Because if you did which I didn't read or see it in patch notes ...……..its still messed up, and if you didn't I mean  REALLY??

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Re: STILL no

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Also the audio issues are still not fixed in regards to the ones where if you turn away from your teammates, you can't hear them pinging or alert of enemy.
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Re: STILL no

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I just can t hear the footsteps when an enemy pathfinder is close or coming towards me! anyone else ?!?!?!

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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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@TheGreenFellow wrote:
Yeah, if you don't mind us asking...the bin-punching super jump, the bhop healing & infinite wraith portals mentioned by FaZaaa_82 here, all three are rather high-impact and easily-exploitable glitches. I was hoping to see fixes for these, particularly given the wait?

You think the bin-punch jump is high impact?


Explain to me how this is ever an advantage for anyone?  The world record holder Mendokusaii (36 kill game) has said on stream there is absolutely 0 use for the supply bin jump.


And as a wraith main, I am yet to run into a scenario where setting a double portal was useful other than having your slow ever-looting squadmates catch up to your location.


In any combat situation, only very bad players would think it's a good idea to waste your tactical skill to set a double portal.


In reality, saving your tactical for when you need it is the right choice.. literally always.

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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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Why do you care if they remove wraith's infinity ult from the game then?
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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

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Thanks for the fix. but besides normal sound issues when or are you planing on having a matchmaking rank system. like i have 110 hours on apex and i play with people that i swear never log off XD like the other day i saw someone with 280000+ kills. like im not even joking wish i screenshot it at the time (was to busy alt f4ng out the game lol) i enjoy apex truly but starting to get put off becuase how can you enjoy a game where you get put with players that breath and sleep alex XD. and im not the only one that has this issue. iv seen theads marked as solved yet its not xD.
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Re: Patch 1.1.3 Discussion!

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i am a wraith main and i never use infinite portals to my advantage, it's a disadvantage actually to me because enemies could've just be behind you in any second before you even ready using your portals
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Re: Upcoming Patch notes

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@DudeBroTheThird wrote:
Why do you care if they remove wraith's infinity ult from the game then?

I don't, I think it should be removed and I won't care about it at all.


I was just arguing that it's not a high Impact bug since enemies can use your portals and catch up to you in no-time, I have rarely used portals In combat situations.


It's something about running around in a bullet storm without being able to use a weapon and having to redraw your weapon once you set the portal.


You're far more likely to get yourself killed than anything else.

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