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Re: Packetloss

by 1ronKeys

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Is this something that respawn can actually fix or is it on the EA server side? All i know is its freaking awful. I get killed behind walls or through doors more often than i should. I have 100gb fiber optics internet and am playing on the xbox one x. So i know its not my hardware or internet. And this game has some of the worst packetloss i have ever seen. 

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Re: Packetloss

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I hear you! I have packet loss most games and have good internet. They recently stated that Apex has dedicated servers now, I find that hard to believe because it feels like it may be worse than ever. It is almost reason to play another game. Sometimes I have to quit as it just doesn't feel right. 

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Re: Packetloss

@JDOGMcFUZZL I have it from time to time, but it has been improving for me. If one server is bad, I just switch to a different server and that typically fixes the issue.
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Re: Packetloss

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@DarthValtrex Lucky for you, this only paid off for me once.

The next server tonight without packet loss is 127 ping and in a different continent.

It's why I've deleted all my other EA games and stopped buying. Joint main reason anyway.

Apex soon to follow suit.
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