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[PS4] Punch Coven is an LGBTQ+ group now recruiting

by MinervaMassacre

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[PS4] Punch Coven is an LGBTQ+ group now recruiting

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Are you a member of the LGBTQ+ community who likes to look fantastic and do sweet combos? Do you like to die in fantastically stupid ways? Do you wanna fly through the sky with your squad like a big gay rainbow? If so, we might just be the group for you


Punch Coven is a small group of LGBTQ+ folks of all ages who prioritize having fun and being good to one another. We're exclusively on PS4 and aiming for endgame content but not in any big rush. If that's not your scene, we'll be doing plenty of other things too! We're originally a Destiny 2 group who is branching out into Anthem and while we're still getting set up and waiting eagerly for the guild system to be implemented we would love to have you join our server and come blow some stuff up with us


If you're interested please comment - and make sure to include your pronouns so I don't mess them up - so I can post the link to our server! See you outside the walls Freelancer

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