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[PS4] Aus/NZ LF players or clan

by SicFxx

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[PS4] Aus/NZ LF players or clan

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Looking to have find and grind Anthem wha  released.  Older player so wanting mature players to team up with and hammer out content and gear up, plus have a good laugh doing it. 


Hit me up in here if you already have a community or are looking to get into one and we can get something started. 


Play most nights but have other commitments (wife/kids) which take's priority over gaming.

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Re: [PS4] Aus/NZ LF players or clan

★★★★ Apprentice

Hey mate.


Hit me up once it releases. I'm in the same boat. Three kids, Wife responsibilities and only so much time for gaming. My PSN is the is Casamyr if you want to flick me a FR. 


I'm currently getting a Far Cry New Dawn fix while I wait until Friday night to play Anthem. 

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