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Re: PC Gamer Nailed It...

by Evok50

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Re: PC Gamer Nailed It...

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Anthem Feels Hopeless


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In four months BioWare has only managed to address some of Anthem's most broken designs, but we're still left with a shooter that is woefully boring and sparse. Cataclysm isn't going to change that. If BioWare really wants to save Anthem, it needs to give up on its half-assed post-launch roadmap, start over from scratch, and build something actually worth saving. Instead of drip-feeding updates to its rapidly evaporating community, BioWare should go dark like Hello Games did after No Man's Sky and resurface when it has something of interest. But if BioWare continues chasing milestones on a road map that few people even care about anymore, Anthem is truly doomed.

That article is an opinion by someone that thinks the game is doomed and that it can't be fixed, but the only opinion that matters to me is mine and my two cents worth is that it still can be fixed. For the moment I'm still having a blast playing Anthem Beer

It depends on what you deem "fixed", being in a state that keeps you happy wouldn't be "fixed" as you are happy right now where the majority sees it as broken. To me what "fixed" would mean is it starts to attract players again, not just hold on to the remaining playerbase.


Will it be "fixed" to the point that it starts to attract new players and players that have left, sorry but I don't believe so, if it was going to the signs would have already be evident, nobody is seeing anything along those lines. It wouldn't make good financial sense at this point to throw money at it, in my opinion, as there would be no reasonable expectation of a decent return on investment. I believe that many things have not been done, not because they cant but because they see no value in it, they would be hemorrhaging dollars faster than a bleeder dry humping a cactus would be losing their lifesblood. I believe the PR spiel from EA/Bioware is just that, PR to keep hold of what few players remain in order to get some kind of return, to me the evidence is in the roadmap debacle, if they were serious about making it viable they would have pulled out all the stops and not thrown fuel on the fire.


I think Anthem was a great concept, poorly implemented, I am grateful for the little fun I had and it gives me hope that another company will come up with a similar IP and do it better but I strongly doubt that it will be EA/Bioware. I have no faith whatsoever that, at this juncture, Anthem will make a comeback and I don't think they are even trying to be honest, the signs just aren't there.


If you are enjoying it, all good, but I hope you don't have high expectations for quality additions going forward, I don't see them happening.

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Re: PC Gamer Nailed It...

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Good post and I agree. The whole experience now looks like a lifeless corpse. We are being strung along by their PR dept. to believe the handful of people left working on the game are going to actually accomplish something. IMHO even the PTS is just an excuse to buy time. They hope we will just quietly go away. Yes I will go away as I am starting to give up hope completely but I can tell you this. I will remember!

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