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Origin update File size?

by DeliciaSiobhan

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Origin update File size?

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Hi Guys,



Regarding the new Origin software:


I like it.. The design of it.



Why is there no information regarding the SIZE of the new update for the software? I can only blindly accept, or deny and then be FORCED to play offline??? 


I run on a capped internet solution.. now before anyone criticizes me... not all countries have freely available uncapped internet solutions in all areas of the country. I have the best I can get, which is expensive if managed correctly... and completely unaffordable if not watched like a hawk. 


I am really trying to keep my games legal...though those are also becoming rediculously expensive (somewhat due to my country's poor currency atm.) but at the current rate i am at the point where I will result to cracking my games just so that I can play them without completely exhausting my internet data cap in the first week.


My point is... I am really having a hard time with increasing size of updates for games, and windows and game client software BUT most of them give me an indication of update size when I have to update.   Please could you just state the size of an update before i have to decide?


(Maybe its just me, but I see this as being polite.. and not stating the size of an update as being quite rude..)



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Re: Origin update File size?

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I understand your concern. I have metered service too.


Yes knowing the size would be nice but, Origin updates are required to play your games and use online content and features. There really isn't a choice except to update.


I know choosing how you will use a limited data allowance is difficult. The internet and, anything else online today is built with unlimited internet service in mind. I'm sure your ISP or other users of your ISP have lots of data management tools and advice you can use to limit usage in other areas so that Updating Origin won't be a big deal.

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Re: Origin update File size?

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Hi There,


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately this is not a solution, nor a helpful reply in any way. Also I feel you have misunderstood my question.. I am not complaining about having to update... I am complaining about not being able to make calculated decisions on about when to update, if I can update now, without hitting my cap... or should I wait for next month? 


At the moment there is no way for me to know the size of the update... before, during or after downloading it. I feel that this is unacceptable.  Updating Origin is a big deal, or its not.. I have no way of knowing... and that is the problem. 


Regarding limiting data in other areas - I am already doing the best I can in all areas, this is something I consciously deal with everyday because of my limitations. I am able to limit data usage in other areas because the software developers in other areas give you the information needed to do so. They let you know, this many Megabytes, this many gigabytes and this allows me some degree of control.


Just saying limit other things so Origin can carry on updating without consequence is not helpful. How do you know what my data cap is? How much do I have as a whole? how much can I limit other things? This is a pointless thing to say. Origin used to tell a person the size of the needed update... all I am asking is please put that functionality back. 


I understand updates are needed... I don't have anything against updates. They fix things, bring better and new functionality etc. But people need to know what they are in for... Its like selling something, with no price...


To illustrate :


Person 1: I want to use your product..

Person 2: Ok sure, here, use it..

Person 1: ok wait before i use it... how much is it?

Person 2: No, we will let you know after you use it...


My point is.. I pay for every bit of data I use... so in effect, I pay for every Origin update, every game update... the same as any other update. 


So am I really supposed to just accept that Origin won't tell me how much I will pay for the update before I agree to update??






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Re: Origin update File size?

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The full download for the installer for Origin 10 is 91.3 MB and, updates will be smaller. I only know that from looking at the file size on my computer. I do understand, every byte I use costs me too, I have to pick and choose what I use my data for, or decide if it's worth paying for extra data to do it.


For example, downloading Fifa 17 all at once would use about half of my allowance so, I have to get a little near my reset date each month. Yes it's a hassle but, it's better than no internet.


My point is, EA doesn't publish the size of updates to Origin, we don't even know when they are coming until we start Origin and, it updates. With metered service, if Origin games are important to you, all you can do is allow for about 200 MB for Origin updates each month and, if it doesn't happen, use the extra the last day or two of your allotment period.

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Re: Origin update File size?

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Your quite full of yourself @DarkAmaranth1966 . I think you fail to grasp basic english because your responses are incoherent and non related. This is a real issue that has stopped many people from using origin and any game on that service. They update every darn week with unnecessarily big file sizes sometimes even multiple times in a week. I feel like you talk condescending to people every day online and in real life, Id fix your behavior before someone fixes it for you. I to have this issue with limited data since not everyone can have access to unlimited data without caps. The fact you try to misdirect the question to put yourself above this person is bigoted and just plain wrong.

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Re: Origin update File size?

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Please dont dig up dead threads


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Re: Origin update File size?

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@BabyhuehnchenI simply googled this issue about origin updates not showing file sizes and this was the first site that came up. Sorry not sorry, don't be a baby. This is a real issue that they refuse to fix.

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Re: Origin update File size?

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I will not argue with you about that but I'm going to leave you a link where you can leave that wish


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Re: Origin update File size?

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Please DON'T respend

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Re: Origin update File size?

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@DeliciaSiobhan 270 mb the size of Origin
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