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Origin Spotlight - January Updates

by EA_Tom

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Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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Hello Origin friends,

Being well into 2018, we're kicking things off with a review of Origin updates we've added in the new year. Let's check it out!



Accessibility - Text-to-speech


No time to chat with your friends because you're fully immersed in an action-packed gaming session? No worries — with the new Origin chat-to-speech function, received chat messages are read aloud. Here's how it works:


  • Enable text-to-speech via Origin → Application Settings → Accessibility
  • Your operating system supplies text-to-speech voice and language


Bioware DLC Bundles


Bioware fans, rejoice! By popular demand, we've made Origin DLC bundles available for the following games:


  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3

What does this mean for you?


  • A one-click option to pick up all DLC for some of your favorite Bioware games
  • Pay however you want — Bioware Points are completely optional!
  • DLC bundles available at a discounted rate


Redeem a Product Code


Origin's user interface for redeeming a product code was sooo 2011. We've given it a makeover and added helpful new options:


  • When redeeming a code, see a confirmation of the product, your account ID and email address
  • It's now possible to redeem codes for EA Cash Cards, and Origin Access subscriptions
  • Receive a warning if you close the screen before your code is fully redeemed
  • You will still receive confirmation of the available language options for the game that you are redeeming (not reflected in the video, as that is an English only version)


Mac - Origin Error Reporting


We're throwing some troubleshooting love at our Mac gamers. You now have access to the Origin Error Reporting function to help highlight issues. Here's how it works:


  • Find the “Origin Error Reporter” via Help → Origin Error Reporter
  • Fill out the questions and click Send Report
  • Provide the Report ID to any EA Advisor upon request
  • Note: This function is currently only available via the Origin beta

Do you have feedback about any of these changes? Check out the full Origin patch notes, or hit us up for comments via the Origin forums – we would love to hear from you.


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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

The only problem with the new UI for redeeming a product code is that it doesn't show which language packs are available with this code. It was really helpful in previous version.
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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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That's a good callout. The game I redeemed happened to be an English only version. If you redeem a language version it will still show confirmation for you. I will update the article to make sure that's reflected.


Thank you,


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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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Well, a friend of mine tried to activate Star Wars Battlefront 2015 just yesterday and it didn't show which language version it is even though it was Russian code.

UPD: After that we checked the old version of UI at and language version of the code was shown there Standard smile

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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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It's still a good feedback point. I'll share it with the team - thank you! Standard smile


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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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Hello Tom. Thank you.
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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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nice to see dead space on free , thanks.

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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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My origin logs in but when it goes to load it just loads forever. I can't get to my game library or anything after this new update. I need a fix to this. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, logging out then back in, and deleting the originthinsetup in the file. Nothing works. Please help.

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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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 would be great to have PayPal as a payment option. 

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Re: Origin Spotlight - January Updates

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Clear Origin's cache.
Make sure to white-list Origin in your security programs, then run Origin as administrator.



PayPal is a payment option in at least some regions. Please tell us which region you live in to give better feedback to the Origin Team Standard smile

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