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Origin Spotlight - Archive

by EA_Straatford

Original Post

Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager

Origin Spotlight


Origin Spotlight is a series highlighting new updates coming to the Origin client. In this archive you will be able to read all previous Spotlights in a single thread, or find links to the original posts. 


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager



UPDATE: We've answered your remaining questions.



Hello everyone,


As recently announced, today we are ready to share our first sneak peek into the future of Origin with you! In this post, we will be taking a look at at our upcoming feature: The Silent Background Updater.


What is the Silent Background Updater?

We have received feedback from you that the Origin client updates too often, and that this process can be disruptive of your playtime. We realize that your time is valuable, and that frequent Origin updates can keep you from playing when you want to. We also understand that it is important that you can jump directly into your favorite games whenever you launch Origin.


To help you dive straight into the action, we've added a function that enables Origin to download and apply its updates when your system is idle. This means that Origin can now perform these tasks when you are not actively using your system.


Ready to play your favorite games? Origin is now ready when you are.


How does the Silent Background Updater work?

Previously, Origin had the option to download and update while you were playing. This however wasn't helpful to those of you who didn't play often or long enough to have this process completed during playtime.


To smooth the update process for everyone, we have set the preference for Origin to perform this task when your system is idle. 


How do I enable the Silent Background Updater?

To make use of the Silent Background Updater, you need to enable the following two options in the Origin client, both of which can be enabled via Application Settings in the Origin menu:


  • Automatically update Origin
    • Used to give permission to Origin to perform automatic updates.
  • Origin Helper Service
    • Used by Origin for low priority tasks, including checking if your system is idle.

The Silent Background Updater is currently scheduled for release in late April. Once released, you will be able to utilize it during the next available Origin update. If you would like to try out the Silent Background Updater during early April, then be sure to turn on the Participate in Origin client betas option. 


This update is just one step in the process of making sure that Origin can provide you with a continuously great gaming experience. We would like to once again thank all of you for your continued feedback, as that drives us to create an amazing gaming environment for you, our players.


We are happy to answer any remaining questions that you might have. And lastly, we would love to hear your thoughts on this update!


Thank you,


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager





Hello everyone,


You’ve asked us to make it easier to join your friends’ session while playing the same game. In this Origin Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at how we're making that happen with upcoming improvements to Origin Party Invites.


We’re updating the Party, and you’re Invited!

Previously, responding to a Party Invite within the same game required you to pause and exit your game. But every moment counts when you’re deep inside the action. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, so we’re making it possible for you to accept or decline an invite with a single click or keystroke. It’s never been easier to join your friends!

How does it work?

While in-game, just press Y or N to respond to a Party Invite. On your desktop? We’ve made that easier too. Simply click Accept or Decline. Your friend will be notified of your decision, and you’re on your way to join their session. Withdrawing from the Argonne Forest to aid a friend in the Sinai Desert? It’s only a click away!


Here’s what the new in-game and desktop invites look like:

 In-Game Invite With Timer SS.jpg


Party Invite Desktop With Timer SS.jpg


How do I enable the new invite windows?

Simple. Just make sure that you’ve turned on notifications for Game invitations via Origin -> Application Settings -> Notifications. Prefer the old invite system? You can turn this option off via the same menu.


When does the party start?
Starting on April 17th, you can opt-in to the Origin beta via Application Settings -> Participate in Origin client betas, to try out the new Party Invites. Come May, the update will be made available for everyone. And as a bonus, we’re also looking at making it easier to join your friends that are playing another game.


With this Origin update, we’re excited about giving you the power to seamlessly party up with your friends. No matter which Battlefield you’re on.


Thoughts or questions? Let us know!


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager





Hi all,


Welcome to another edition of Origin Spotlight!


This Origin update is all about making things easier for you. And to do that, we’ve taken suggestions directly from the community. Let’s take a look at what’s been added.


Managing your download speed

As a community, you’ve passionately shared that being able to manage your download speed is a must have. You’ve also shared that it’s long overdue to make an appearance on Origin. We've got good newsit’s here.


Check it out in this video:

Origin being able to manage your download speed? They said it was just a myth!


How it works:

  1. Click on Origin → Application Settings → Download Restrictions.
  2. Choose between various download speeds inside or outside of gameplay, or completely turn off downloads while in-game.

Monitoring your frame rate (FPS)

If you’re playing on Origin, then it’s likely you’re all about pushing your system to the limit (looking at you, PC master race folks). We’re here to help. Origin can now display your fps so you can measure your performance.


See what it looks like on this screenshot:

FPS Counter.png

Note: it’s frames per second, not frags per second. You’ve got skills, but nobody’s that awesome!


How it works:

  1. The FPS monitor works independently from the Origin in-game overlay.
  2. You can display the counter in any corner of your screen.
  3. You can enable or disable the FPS counter via Application Settings → Origin in-game → During Gameplay.

Cross-game party invites

The recent party invite update allowed you to instantly join your friends while playing the same game. But what about friends playing a different game? Well, now that’s possible too—cross-game invites are here.


Check out a cross-game invite in action:

Get ready to jump into another galaxy with a single click or keystroke!

How it works:

  1. Enable the Origin Beta via Origin → Application Settings → Participate in Origin client betas. Make sure your friends also enable the beta.
  2. Receive a game invite from a friend, and click or press Y or N to accept or decline.
  3. Once an invite has been accepted, Origin starts a countdown, giving you another chance to decline before Origin closes your current game.
  4. Once the timer is finished, Origin will launch the new game to party up with your friend.

Note: This feature may not work with some games like Titanfall 2 because of its unique launcher.


When can I try these updates?

Now! These three updates are currently available in the Origin beta. Want to try ‘em out? Opt-in to the Origin beta via Origin → Application Settings → Participate in Origin client betas. Be sure to restart Origin to download the beta update.


As always, we’re on the lookout for your feedback. These updates are just the start to show you we’re listening. So, anything on your mind? You’re invited to drop by for a chat on the Origin Community forums. We’ll be there.


Thank you for playing.


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager





Welcome to another edition of Origin Spotlight! In this edition, we’re focusing on Login Verification, and how it’s improved to make sure you’re fully in charge of your account security.


Login Verification helps keep your account safe. Whenever you log in from a new or unrecognized device, we’ll send you a one-time verification code so we know it’s you.


Can’t access your verification code? No worries! We’re solving that problem by giving you more verification options to choose from.


Instead of having just one method to verify yourself, it’s now possible to choose from multiple methods, on the fly:

  • Primary email
  • Secondary email
  • Text message
  • Authenticator

Sounds good? First log in to your account settings page, and enable the options you want to use via the Security tab. Got your preferred methods set up? You’ll be able to select any method you’ve enabled next time you login.


And while you’re at it, be sure to View and store your Backup Codes. You can use them as an emergency login.


Client login:



Locked out of your account? Ain’t nobody got time for that! With multiple verification methods, you’re always ready to login, and your account is secure too! 


Web login:



Check out the full Origin Patch Notes, and drop us a comment on the Origin forums to let us know what you think - we would love to hear from you!


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager





Welcome to another edition of Origin Spotlight! Today we’ll focus on how we’re improving your experience while downloading your games.


Downloading your favorite game? It’s never been easier! We’re making sure you know exactly what’s going on, every step of the way. To do that, we’ve shortened the download process into three simple steps:

  1. Preparing – Origin is looking for that perfect spot for your game to settle in…
  2. Downloading – moving stuff over to your new spot…
  3. Finalizing – get ready for game time!

If you do want to make any changes during your download, that’s also still available via Pause, Resume and Cancel in the same progress bar.




Making the download process simple is just step one – there’s more! When downloading a game, we made the most helpful options available to you, right there and then:

  • Per individual game download, select where you want to download the game – no more going into separate menus!
  • Want to watch Netflix while downloading? You can now select your maximum download speed from the download queue.
  • No space on your hard drive to install the game? The downloader will now tell you if there’s a problem.
  • There are multiple ways to download a game in Origin, such as from your homepage, or the game tile – you’ll now see the same simple steps of the download process, everywhere.



Right now! The next time you launch Origin it will automatically update for you – smooth downloads be waiting!

Do you have feedback? Check out the full patch notes, or hit us up for comments via the Origin forums – we would love to hear from you.



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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager





Hi all,

Welcome to another edition of Origin Spotlight! Today we’ll be taking a look at a new notification system, and updates to Origin’s homepage that have just become available.



A new notification system has been added so you’re always up-to-date on important events taking place on Origin. Just keep an eye out for the new notification symbol:

Origin Notification


With this new system you’ll be able receive a notification in the event of:


  • Receiving a gift
  • Preloads for new games becoming available
  • A new game release, if you’ve pre-ordered the game

New Game Notitication

 New game release? You'll be the first to know!


Origin Gift Notification

Receiving a gift is exciting - we're making sure that you're notified!


We’ll be expanding the types of receivable notifications in the near future. In the meantime, we would love for you to let us know which types of notifications are important to you – drop us a comment on the forums and we’ll be there to check ‘em out!


My Home has received an update! But what is My Home, you ask? Good question – it’s your very own homepage in the Origin client.

To make sure that your homepage is relevant to you, we’ve given it a fresh new look and added a recent games menu – your homepage now shows the last four games that you’ve played, installed or downloaded. No more browsing through your library to try and find that one game. Just click and go!


Check out this (silent) video on how to jump straight from the homepage into your favorite games. 


We’ve got more updates on the way, so if you’re curious about coming Origin updates, remember that you can try them out early in the Origin beta via Origin -> Application Settings -> Participate in Origin client betas.


Up for a chat? We’re available for any further questions or comments you might have via the Origin forums. See you there!


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

EA Community Manager



Hello Origin friends,

Being well into 2018, we're kicking things off with a review of Origin updates we've added in the new year. Let's check it out!



Accessibility - Text-to-speech


No time to chat with your friends because you're fully immersed in an action-packed gaming session? No worries — with the new Origin chat-to-speech function, received chat messages are read aloud. Here's how it works:


  • Enable text-to-speech via Origin → Application Settings → Accessibility
  • Your operating system supplies text-to-speech voice and language


Bioware DLC Bundles


Bioware fans, rejoice! By popular demand, we've made Origin DLC bundles available for the following games:


  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • Dragon Age 2
  • Mass Effect 2
  • Mass Effect 3

What does this mean for you?


  • A one-click option to pick up all DLC for some of your favorite Bioware games
  • Pay however you want — Bioware Points are completely optional!
  • DLC bundles available at a discounted rate


Redeem a Product Code


Origin's user interface for redeeming a product code was sooo 2011. We've given it a makeover and added helpful new options:


  • When redeeming a code, see a confirmation of the product, your account ID and email address
  • It's now possible to redeem codes for EA Cash Cards, and Origin Access subscriptions
  • Receive a warning if you close the screen before your code is fully redeemed


Mac - Origin Error Reporting


We're throwing some troubleshooting love at our Mac gamers. You now have access to the Origin Error Reporting function to help highlight issues. Here's how it works:


  • Find the “Origin Error Reporter” via Help → Origin Error Reporter
  • Fill out the questions and click Send Report
  • Provide the Report ID to any EA Advisor upon request

Do you have feedback about any of these changes? Check out the full Origin patch notes, or hit us up for comments via the Origin forums – we would love to hear from you.


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

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EA Community Manager

Origin Spotlight



The May Origin updates make it easier for The Sims 4 fans to pick up new content. We’ve also given our game pages a fresh new look. Let’s check it out!




Grab your favorite content with the new The Sims 4 Build Your Bundle function on Origin. Now you can start building before you’re even in-game. And the best part? Bundling means you’re always getting the best deal... sweet!


How does it work?

You can bundle an Expansion, Game and Stuff Pack to save on The Sims 4 content you don’t own. Here’s how:


  • sign in to Origin and visit The Sims 4 Build Your Bundle pagevia Browse Games > The Sims to see the bundling options available to you
  • click on your favorite Expansion, Game and Stuff Pack you don’t own to add them to your bundle
  • find out how much you’re saving and claim your new content. Happy Simming!

Sims Build Your Own Bundle


Don’t own the Sims 4 yet? No problem! You can bundle the base game with one Expansion pack to get started on your Sims adventure.


Want to know more about bundling? Check out our full Build Your The Sims 4 Bundle article.




Discovering a new game is exciting! You want to learn everything about it as quickly and easily as possible. Our newly redesigned game pages should help you do just that.


Check out the new game pages!You’ll find the refreshed game pages whenever you browse a game!




Check out the full Origin Patch Notes and drop a comment in this thread. We would love to hear from you!


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Re: Origin Spotlight - Archive

EA Community Manager

Origin Spotlight



The December Origin update added two new options to help you manage your installed games:

  • Move Game - easily move your games from one location to another on your computer. That way you don’t have to redownload them.
  • Locate Game - need to help Origin find where your game’s files are located on your computer? You can tell Origin where to look so you don’t have to download the files again.


How does it work?

With a simple right-click in your Origin My Game Library, back up your games so you do not have to redownload them. Click your game tile of choice and you'll see one of the following options:




Click Locate Game to tell Origin where on your system your game is installed



Click Move Game to choose your new desired install location



That's it! But if you're looking for more info on this feature you can check out our full Back Up and Restore Your Games With Origin article on EA Help.




Check out the full Origin Patch Notes and drop a comment in this thread. We would love to hear from you!


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Twitter Stream