Origin/Mobile ports

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Origin/Mobile ports

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First I love EA games but Origin as a program is awful it pops up randomly and makes me freeze in the game that I am playing and this is after I’ve edited the settings so it won’t do that, it never lets me play a game by either forcing to do a 3 day update on the game or saying there is an error when everything else works perfectly fine by everything else I mean No Man’s Sky off of Steam, Fortnite off of Epic Games, and Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox 1 Edition off of Microsoft Store and I am sad to say I have since deleted Origin, cancelled my Origin Game Pass, and deleted all EA Games from my PC to take away 75% of my problems, Origin forced me to reinstall every one of my games when I moved them to a backup drive and it wouldn’t let me finish downloading Jedi: Fallen Order because there wasn’t enough drive space and it wouldn’t let me move the game, Origin auto-downloads games into my Windows C: drive when that is full and it could easily download into Backup Plus G: Drive with 4 terrabytes left without even allowing me to change over the file before download then the file is secure for some reason then I can’t access it to move the file, on top of this Origin is constantly updating games, which is fine, but it won’t auto-update anything after auto-update has been enabled please fix these problems so Origin can work properly on my PC because right now instead of Titanfall 2 I am playong Halo: Master Cheif Collection, instead of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 I’m playing Republic Commando and Knights of the Old Republic on mobile, instead of Battlefield V I am playing Battlefield Bad Co. 2, instead of playing Anthem I am playing Ryse: Son of Rome, and instead of playing Apex Legends I am playing Fortnite and I am not switching back to console because I sold my Xbox 1 for a reason that is mine only. New subject, I love the Battlefield series except for one thing I can’t play on mobile right now I am playing Call of Duty Mobile while I check the App Store litterally every day and look for Battlefield Mobile because there is nothing to rival Battlefield and I have tried numerous methods to get it, even considered switching to Android to play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on mobile after I’ve read so many things saying it’s a complete letdown, but I didn’t switch over on all of my friend’s ,and my parent’s, suggestions. So please bring Battlefield to iOS to rival your compititors before you develop Battlefield 6, and fix Origin because, like everything else EA has to offer, Origin needs to be top of the line to.

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