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@Treana Thank you very much for your feedback. This currently working as designed, but we are looking at player feedback to see if improvements can be made.






During sales a shopping cart will be made available.


While on the Origin Store, click on the banner of the current promotion to browse games that are on sale - hover over your desired game to see the option to add them to your cart.

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Re: Shopping cart?

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Please bring back the shopping cart. Not only was it obnoxious to have to pay before I could see what my order even was, but it was incredibly uncomfortable. No one wants to put their credit card information down when they don't know what they're paying for. I almost didn't buy the Sims 4 pack I purchased, simply because I couldn't figure out where to put my promo code and didn't want to be charged full price by accident. I had to contact someone in your help department before I felt confident enough to buy something using the new site design. Your design should inspire a lot more trust.

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Re: Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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I take it this is not going to be "fixed" ( Since its not broken and is working as intended. No idea who had the idea to remove the cart feature, but I think you all need to reevaluate the team who made the UI choices.) anytime soon then? If at all?

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Re: shopping cart where is it?


@amarie1994 @StormRaging




There is no shopping cart at the moment. If you however store your payment information on your account then you don't have to enter the information again when making another purchase - you can instead select your saved payment method and instantly complete your order.


We are still working on improvements. For example, we understand that it isn't helpful to you if you have to enter the promo code for every separate purchase.

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Re: shopping cart where is it?

And if i do not want to store my payment information, i am fragged, right? Because i am not storing that kind of data on any of the sites where i am shopping. I use PayPal if i can and my card only if i am at least 75% sure that the site can protect my data. As EA servers were hacked almost yearly in the last 6 years, imagine how much trust do i put into your security.

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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Re: Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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I have this issue too. I was thinking of buying one or more games & expansions with the Coupon, but it took me straight to a credit card details screen instead of a shopping cart. I will not use a store that works this way, I like putting stuff in the cart, confirming what I'm buying, maybe removing or adding stuff and only then hitting the Buy button, and even then I would expect a coupon screen or a purchase confirmation screen, not a credit card details one.


I noticed 2 related issues.


1) There appears to be no wishlist, which makes a cart even more necessary.


2) In the Origin Client, when you are looking at a games DLC/Expansions in the Library, if you click "Buy" on a  DLC you don't have it should take you to the DLC's store page NOT direct the Payment Details screen! Especially as "Read more" takes you to a text blurb, not the store page.

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Re: Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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yes I am trying to buy all the stuff backs and it will let you add one then suggest maybe one or two more but I can't add them all at once, so now I have to make a bunch of transactions instead of one, not convenient and very off putting for customers.

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Re: Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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I have to agree with the others, the lack of a shopping cart is a major drawback to the new layout and a deal breaker for many. I just spent a good hour trying to find an answer to where the cart was when trying to make a purchase until I found this thread. Now I am contemplating even making a purchase if I have to do it individually.
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Re: Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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Truly baffling how you could remove such an important an integral tool for your online store.


Clearly your customers hate this change, there is not a single person in this topic that have said otherwise



it was an absolute nightmare for me to purchase all the sims 4 stuff packs. Your checkout feature which suggests other products to buy is undeniably broken. It keeps suggesting the same 2 dlcs I already own. Who thought that was a good idea? Who thought any of this was a good idea actually?

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Re: Shopping cart?

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Completely agree with the majority of comments. Not implementing a shopping cart/basket is very much step backwards and (clearly) very off-putting to many shoppers.


If things are "currently working as designed" then I would suggest that the "design" is manifestly wrong and should be revised promptly.

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