Re: [Feedback] Purchasing on new Origin store is a hassle.

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Are you joking, there is no more cart?



WTH kind of shop is this.

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Re: [Feedback] Purchasing on new Origin store is a hassle.

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I too was prepared to buy quite a few packs for The Sims 4, now I'm not going to buy any of them.  Heck can you even use the promo code on multiple purchases?

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Re: [Feedback] Purchasing on new Origin store is a hassle.

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Same problem, I was getting ready to buy at least 3 different Sims 4 stuff packs only to find guess what I have to do 3 different transactions. I am now not that interested in buying them, why would you remove the cart its a basic must have for almost all store websites for many many many years now. I didnt know that looking cool and updating (for no real reason) meant loosing all the user friendly aspects of the site.
I already dislike buying from EA, I already dislike Origin and not being able to just buy from the much more user friendly Steam store. This is just sad.

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Re: [Feedback] Purchasing on new Origin store is a hassle.

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Thankfully you can use the code on multiple purchases as long as the items qualify. Admittedly, my first cynical thought was that it was an attempt to curb the number of discounted items people could buy. I'm glad to be wrong about that, but the system is definitely very counter-productive and off-putting now. =\

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WTB MORE game but no shopping cart.............

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please help where is the shopping cart for the new website?

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Re: shopping cart where is it?

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Yes it does because its very frustrating having to enter my credit card information over and over especially when you are buying more than game. I hope they bring it back soon.
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Shopping cart?

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Are you bringing the shopping cart back? I am frankly very mad about the new client not having the shopping cart. You can only buy one game at a time this way. I want the cart that shows each game I have added to my cart and my total and if I have promo code I need to be able to see the code change the total amount before I hit purchase. I am not the only one frustrated at this change.

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Re: WTB MORE game but no shopping cart.............

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I have the same problem.


SO yesterday morning i went to the origin website and i still had t he old origin webpage and everything worked perfectly.

later that day i went back to the webpage to buy some more games BUT now i have the NEW origin there aswell and now i cannot buy anything anymore.

it just pops up this white screen that says "Checking Order" and that's it, i reinstalled everything, but it just doesn't work.


Hopefully someone comes up with a fix because this is annoying especially cuz there is now a 50% discount code!

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Re: here

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An EA Origin experience shop. Charge, charge, charge again. Much like the EA ANSWERS HQ.  ASK, NEVER GET ANSWERED, LEAVE.


I'm a mug for not running a setup like this, and I also continue providing people with good customer service. Try as I might, I just don't have what it takes to take money hand over fist from people, or provide a really really poor experience to customers at an outrageous price. I've even seen some pretty outrageous stuff, but still somehow seem to maintain a thread of human decency, no matter how hard I might try to grow a thick layer of ice across my heart. Maybe I'm just ill equipped to live in this era, spewing I got rid of my gun.

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Re: WTB MORE game but no shopping cart.............

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@plantmoon At this point there isn't one, purchases are made individually. Thanks for the implicit feedback, we have received a number of similar posts.


@BelguimLover Were you able to get the page running in the end, or try the purchase on the Origin client? What games were you trying to buy?

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