Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

by cmartindell

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Origin Feedback - No Shopping Cart

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Really wish I could order more than one game. where can i find a shopping cart on the new origin? I dont want to charge my credit card $9.99 ten different times?!?!!!

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Re: Shopping cart?

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@Treana Thank you very much for your feedback. This currently working as designed, but we are looking at player feedback to see if improvements can be made.






During sales a shopping cart will be made available.


While on the Origin Store, click on the banner of the current promotion to browse games that are on sale - hover over your desired game to see the option to add them to your cart.

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Add a Shopping Cart!

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Please, implement a shopping cart feature. I have never had a more unpleasant online shopping experience than I just did with trying to purchase 6 Sims 4 stuff packs. Not only did I have to purchase each one individual and have 6 charges, I also had to put in the discount code 6 times. A shopping cart would be much more convenient (and much more like... modern online retailers...), why on earth would anyone want to limit the amount of things that can be bought at once from their store? 

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New layout may be cool but...

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Where is the "cart"?

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Re: New layout may be cool but...

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There is no longer a cart in the Origin Client. If you are purchasing multiple games at ones, please use the Website to do so, or check out individually for each one within Origin.

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Re: New layout may be cool but...

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Thanks for the info.


I would never have released this without a shopping cart. This missing feature is costing EA money.

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Re: New layout may be cool but...

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Really? That is very stupid move.  I was planning to buy a few games at once but no cart.  Oh well, not going to buy then.  Will going to the store instead... sometime soon.  Thank you for the info!

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[Feedback] Purchasing on new Origin store is a hassle.

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So, I decided to take advantage of the 50% off promo code today to pick up a few pieces of DLC for a couple of games, and sad to say, I found the whole process completely painful, unnecessarily time-consuming and generally off-putting.


Instead of being able to browse the store at my leisure and select the various items I wanted to buy and add them into a single shopping cart, the only option available is "Buy Now", which immediately prompts for payment information. No option to Add to Cart, no option to continue shopping... just "YOU PAY NOW".


Well, aside from being a bit confrontational (I mean, slow down here, Origin; what happened to good old conversation and getting to know each other first?) it was also inconvenient, being that I wanted to purchase two Sims 4 game packs. Still, I persevered and found that upon getting to the order confirmation page, it did at least deign to suggest that I might like to purchase other game packs as well, so in the end, I was able to add the second item I wanted to the order and get them both at the same time. Not an ideal way to go about buying multiple items, but I supposed it was better than nothing. I added my promo code, all good, confirmed purchase, went on my way.


The whole experience was a bit flustering, however, and it wasn't until after I was done that I realised I should also take the opportunity to buy the two Spoils packs I was missing for Dragon Age Inquisition. Given my experience with the Sims 4 packs, I clicked BUY on the first piece, assuming that when I once again got to the order confirmation screen, it would offer the additional content to me. It did not. -.- Rather, I had to go back to the store again, and buy the other Spoils pack individually.


In the end, the entire process not only took far longer than it rightly should have, but was also a total hassle. Instead of being able to add everything to one consolidated cart, I ended up having to make my purchases in 3 separate transactions. And I can only assume this will always be the case where someone wants to buy games or content from different franchises, as they would not offered as 'related products' at the final confirmation screen.



TL;DR version: For the love of God, please consider bringing back the global Shopping Cart. The way things are now actually makes it harder (and therefore, less attractive) to make purchases of multiple items. Frown

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Add to Cart?

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I wanted to bundle Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat with two other stuff packs and use the promo code to get 50% my entire order but I can't do that when there's no 'add to cart' option. Just a big ol purchase button. I don't want to make the mistake of buying them at full price like a friend accidentally did.. please tell me this is a glitch/bug. This new interface hurts me on an emotional level. Broken heart

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Re: Add a Shopping Cart!

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yes the new origin is a joke, don't even have a cart for store

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Re: Add to Cart?

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This, I accidently bought 1 stuff pack for full price, it's such a headache, specially when I want to buy 5 .

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