Origin Community Digest - May Recap

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Origin Community Digest - May Recap

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Hi all,


Thanks to all of you for making May a great month on the Origin forums!  Below you can find an overview where you can check out the most popular discussions for the month. 


Weekly Threads


Question of the week

As a gamer you've most likely played tons of games. But how often do you stop to think about what made all those games special? QOTW finds a new and interesting topic each week to talk about what we liked (or didn't like) about the games that we played.  


  1. Favorite in-game character?
  2. Who's your in-game nemesis?
  3. Favorite game intro?
  4. Favorite game quote or moment?

Game Spotlight

In our Game Spotlights we focus the discussion on anything and everything about your favorite game series. If you're a fan, hop into any of the Spotlights. Anything is up for discussion as long as it's related to the game series. 


  1. Dead Space
  2. Need for Speed
  3. The Sims
  4. Command & Conquer
  5. Dragon Age
  6. Battlefield

Forum games and other fun

Games isn't the only entertainment that brings us together. Sometimes we it's fun to just post a meme or take part in an epic story.. three words at a time. But there's also talk about movies, TV, and music.


  1. The meme thread
  2. Three word story
  3. Throwback Thursday 
  4. The Movies, TV and Music thread
  5. Share your gaming setup

Top Community created threads


Take a look at the most popular threads that were created by members of the community during May.


  1. Is there any games you miss playing?
  2. The story behind your name
  3. The games you played through for countless times, but you still find fantastic
  4. What alignment do you have in game and real life
  5. What music do you like when you're gaming?
  6. Is there any old EA game you would love to have on Origin?
  7. Shelf of shame
  8. Your favorite in-game ship

 Got thoughts or suggestions for content that you would like to see in June? Please leave a comment. And in the meantime, thanks for stopping by!

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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap

★★★★ Guide

Thank you too Standard smile

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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap

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Hi @Straatford87


What happened with the option,when we choose the avatar on the forum from our computer?Wondering The only remaining option to choose from AHQ.Raised eyebrow


More specifically from here : Origin / yahel_1 / Profile / Edit profile / Avatars / Choose a collection- only AHQ,my computer - he disappeared Disappointed


Will not this option return?.. or only applies to certain categories of forum?.. because otherwise I do not see, why would it be removed.Thinking






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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap




I think we did change the settings for uploading a customer avatar. I'll check it out for you!

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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap

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Thank you very muchStandard smile @Straatford87


I wanted to change my avatars today with a new one.

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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap




So I can confirm that we're aware that it's not working as intended. We'll be taking a look in the coming weeks.


We're on it!

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Re: Origin Community Digest - May Recap

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Thank you,Standard smile @Straatford87

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