Origin Access and Origin Wallet.

by Stargazeer14

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Origin Access and Origin Wallet.

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Basically, not being able to purchase origin access with your wallet credit feels like a backward idea. In fact wallet credit is really really awkward to use for anything. It should just behave as any monetary value for anything in the origin store, completely interchangeable with other payment methods.
I really like the look of origin access, but I just want to use the wallet balance I have now to buy a year's subscription. I realise this doesn't encourage regular subscription or renewal, especially by people who would forget to stop renewal. But as a rather scrupulous consumer, I always make sure stuff doesn't renew if I don't want it to.


Just something I'm annoyed at here, and I won't be buying into Access because of it. Maybe it would be better if it were a singular item purchase that you could buy like any other game, and just came with a set amount of time subscribed (1 month, 3 months, 1 year etc). Also, the wallet really needs to be more versatile.

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Re: Origin Access and Origin Wallet.






Thanks for adding your feedback regarding Origin Access and having us add additional payment methods.


We've heard you and other players on this, and it's actually something we're currently investigating. However, I'm unable to share a specific time frame with you.


Do let me know if you've got any further questions.

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