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Re: Opinion about caustic

by asukojo

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Re: Opinion about caustic

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@MartenPhilip wrote:

It's not the character that's a problem, it's you not understanding how to use him.
And no I am not implying that you're a bad player. 
But each character in Apex Legends has its own specific and unique game play. 
And knowing and understanding this is already you getting 1 step closer to being a better player in-general. 

Thats exacly the character's broblem. Because of his mechanics and hitbox hes instantly worth to play only like on 20% of the map, because many other places has pretty big distances even between houses and not to mention huge fields, making him simply huge bag to practice your shoot.

Also any players with IQ higher than current Titanic's waterline could just not enter the house where caustic sits and as result having no problems with him at all. Or just spam grenades into it  while 90% of buildings have windows and many holes in their walls.

If you want to say about "wat if ze zon ikzakly at hiz buildin he wil win" so think about how many matches ended up like that?  1 of 30? even on this single match caustic doesnt have 100% chance to win...


Thats why he needs some buffs to fight on open space areas


PS Origin says i have nearly 140 hrs on apex and i cant even remember when last time i have died from caustic, simply because he die first bcz of his hitbox. And also just ignoring to fight his barrel house, anyway zone will push him out on open space

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Re: Opinion about caustic

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@ZergSquad wrote:

Thats why he needs some buffs to fight on open space areas



Is he supposed to be effective in the open space though? I think if you look at each legend individually and compare how effective they are in specific areas you're going to start to question whether Mirage and Wraith should be buffed because they aren't as good as Caustic when inside buildings.


Match Caustic up with Bangalore to provide smoke when you're running outside of buildings or pop Gibraltar's shield if a team opens fire on you. There's options available when you look how legends stack up as a team.  If you happen to die in open space as Caustic, couldn't you just say it was a case of being the wrong place at the wrong time? It happens.


Try matching up Caustic with Bangalore and Wattson. Stay inside buildings and play defensive by throwing down electrified fences, variables, and smoke it out so enemies have a tough time seeing the variables or ability to shoot the fences.

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Re: Opinion about caustic

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Stats don't lie, weak legends has less people playing it, as today, Gibby and Caustic still the least favorite legend in the game. 

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Re: Opinion about caustic

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@asukojo Not entirely true. There's a fashion created by streamers which greatly influences this. Most people aren't prepared to do much thinking, and even when they do they'll not publicly contradict someone with a popular opinion. I've got friends who wreck with the fatties (mainly Gibraltar, admittedly) but caustic complements someone like wattson MASSIVELY.
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