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Re: Opinion about caustic

by Gabrielmojo26

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Re: Opinion about caustic

I don’t think all legends move at the same speed, at least not when the gun is holstered.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but I’ll get out run from behind by either bangalore, lifeline, and definitely wraith, when solely running as Pathfinder.

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Re: Opinion about caustic

Community Manager

Love blocking doors with the variables while our squad can shield back up. Standard smile

We were fighting at Runoff and had to bail out because of the ring. Went through that gap above Bunker on the map and tossed the variables down to block off the enemies behind us. They died from the ring. 

The gas doesn't always have to be tactical that ends up killing them, but setting your team up in the right spot and dictating the battle. 

They also show up on your map and disappear when an enemy hits or destroys them. They are somewhat of an alarm system, too.

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Re: Opinion about caustic

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★★★ Pro

I love the idea of caustic, but his gas trap is super slow to deploy (5-6 seconds), his body is super big and no shield, he is exposed in outdoor, his gas trap trigger too close, too slow and minimum  stunt, enemy just blast through it.


From enemy point of view:

When I see caustic in the small room, he is a fox, I'm a chicken, I'm caustious.

When I see caustic in the big room/house, he knows his trap will have a hole (slow trigger), he start getting caustious

When I see caustic in open field, oh yes, he start run like a big chicken seeing a hungry fox.


From caustic point of view:

Small room : Come and get me, if you dare.

Big room     : If enemy blast through my gass trap, I'm dead.

Open space: Oh *, I'm exposed, better run ASAP.


Caustic and Gibby still the less popular legends in the game. The last buff still doesn't do anything.


My recommendation for caustic:

1. Gas trap buff : faster to deploy (2-3 second), farther detection (15-20 meter), strong stunt on first hit (2 seconds).


That's it, it will make Caustic great again.

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Re: Opinion about caustic

★ Pro
@Gabrielmojo26 You're wrong mate - they all run at the same speed. If someone is outpacing you they've either got their weapon away when yours is out, or they're taking the more direct route or their timing and movement whilst slide jumping is better.
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Re: Opinion about caustic

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★★★★★ Apprentice

@asukojoBuffing gas traps that way will make them op af bcz now they're pretty good at close areas, so buff will make any building with caustic simply unsiegeable.

Thats why buffing his ultimate AOE will make him more viable on open space areas against other characters

PS and imho the only way to make barrels playable on open areas and not being op on closerange is decrease their "throw" time a bit and gas release time for about 30% or even twice and reduce cooldown
It will not make them OP on closerange bcz lower gas release time will negate cooldown and thrown time
but make them better on open space as you could throw fast and throw more bcz of reduced CD + they will not cover entire area bcz of reduced gas release time

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Re: Opinion about caustic

@Anlbrd I had to look it up, you're right, 7.4 m/s running speed for each legend. Mind fuck3d lol
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Re: Opinion about caustic

★ Pro
@Gabrielmojo26 Yeah, it definitely doesn't feel like it when you've got Gibraltar and Caustic's big fat paws flapping around 1/4 as quickly as lifelines Standard smile
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Re: Opinion about caustic

★ Guide

You said it yourself. 
He's a situational character best played in housing. 
So naturally you're not meant to just run in the open like a lost Call of Duty child. 
No, you're meant to play the more enclosed environments where you can utilize his mechanics to your advantage. 

It's not the character that's a problem, it's you not understanding how to use him.
And no I am not implying that you're a bad player. 
But each character in Apex Legends has its own specific and unique game play. 
And knowing and understanding this is already you getting 1 step closer to being a better player in-general. 

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Re: Opinion about caustic

★★★★★ Pro

Caustic is like any other legend, only as good as the player using him.

Decent caustic players are a real nightmare to play against due to his heavy crowd control abilities....luckily there doesnt seem to be many of them kicking around in my experience lol.

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Re: Opinion about caustic

★★ Guide

This is more to all replies than any specific one. Caustic is not my main but I do play him frequently. His gas traps as trail markers is effective. Prior to Wattson being introduced it was the only way to tell if someone was following you. Look at the minimap it wil show you position of all your traps. Use it wisely and you can see if a trap you placed has disappeared. Even if you are not getting a damage indicator someone could have shot it. You know roughly where another squad has been recently.


As far as open battle Caustic can be the most brutal foe on the field. If I am in relative close quarters battle and I down someone I am putting down 2 traps near them and shooting it starts ticking their health and negates a rez happening. I will also use his gas cloud as a deterrent from an aggressive push. I don't care if I am getting damage or not from it. if we are getting pushed and are not ready I will skunk the f up. That is how I see Caustic a skunk with some tactical abilities.


I have over 100 nox kills with him and counting, so I know I have a solid gameplay style that works to his strengths. All of that being siad though after playing as him for a game or 2 I like to switch to wraith or lifeline and feel like I am flying across the map. I know it is perspective more than anything but Caustic does feel like a tank. And on that note of tanks I have given up on GIB altogether. I played as him last season to complete the 250K XP challenge and put him up. Now I play as him if he is in a daily challenge otherwise forget about it, just can't play him. His alt is such a cumbersome gadget thing, his gun shield and main shield are great in very limited situations. Otherwise they are giant neon signs hey shoot over here big fat guy waiting to get shot.


Again these are just my opinions, but in the hundreds of games I have played I have only encountered 1 person who devastated as Gib, otherwise everyone else I play with avoids him like the plague.

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