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Re: Offline single player. with all content. not locked by a server or multiplay

by mcsupersport

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Offline single player. with all content. not locked by a server or multiplayer.

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So the big thing about EA is that they push the multiplayer part to keep there games going. and to promote microtransaction.

Now I don't think anthem will have MT's but they might require you to have an EA membership.

Which would make sense if they are planning to release dlc, patches, add-ons, events, etc like a MMORPG.

This is supported by the fact that at E3 they said that players will affect the world around you.

It could be drop-in drop-out co-op like monster hunter world. or something more seemless. But.

I think they will have a world of 100 or so players on a server. the World will be the same. But depending on the server your on will change the Random Events and enemy spawns and such. To give a feel of the world being alive and different.


But EA is definitely going to make some kind of under-handed scheme to get more money. as I said with EA membership. or you must pay for regular small add-ons. to play the game with friends. I.E. (world of Warcraft style. but much smaller.)


But if EA makes Offline Single Player mode a priority. and makes Multiplayer completely optional. And not the focus of their game. Their game will be much better off.

like it was proven in CoD and Battlefront. playing Multiplayer with people you don't know can be horrible. Trolls, cheaters, ace players, hackers, trash talkers, kids that shouldn't be playing an R-rated game. (especially since online content is not rated by the ESRB.) etc etc.


Which makes Anthem as an Offline game so important. as soon as you make it online. or online required for most features. the Cost of Maintenance goes way up. add the cost of making new content. fixing bugs. Human Resources for player behavior. etc etc makes it cost a ton.

So do you think that an Online game will have only do a one-time purchase for the base-game. (excluding major DLC.) without some way to make more money.

Now EA has said that Anthem will not have Micro-Transactions. But it will be a dedicated server game.

Which means that it WILL be online required. even if you want to play it solo.


So how will they make their money???


a few ways off the top of my head.

1. Ads.. the bread and butter of all free games. But since they are a major corporation. and they plan to have a huge multi-million dollar game be running for so long. the certain companies who put their Ads out, will not pay them that much for so long.


2. Promoting DLC, Add-ons, patches etc etc. Now the way they do this is make you feel compelled to buy them. not much unlike micro-transactions. But the difference is they add more content besides what you can earn in game. (I.e. Platinum from Warframe. or Crowns for TESO. to buy regular base game items.)

2.1. But the way they make you buy them. is that you are missing out. or entice friends who buy them to have more fun when you both get the item,

But this depends on the customer's willpower to resist pointless content or small buffs to the game.

(one of the reason Micros are (were) so successful is everytime you play a game. in one way or another you want to get better. and skill doesn't have to be the only way. better weapons, armor, increasing your level for skill, or attribute points are among many ways. other times they want you to wait really long time to get stronger. such as Idle games. you make it a long grind. or extremely rare drops you could just buy. etc etc)

2.1.1 But DLC that makes you feel like your missing out. or that you need it. But this is an unreliable method for the long term of the company so let's move on.


3. Subscription. or pay every month to keep playing the game.

Now for most games on console you probably already pay Sony or Microsoft a yearly membership to Xbox Gold or Playstation Plus.

But that is just to access their servers for multiplayer. (among other things. But that is the main reason why people get it.)

But a company such as EA has it's own membership. Called EA Membership. (creative right.)

So you would have to make an account with EA and pay them every month to use their "Dedicated Servers" for Anthem. and since we know that Anthem is Online Required. this makes it really easy for them to make a lot of money. over a long period of time. especially with upkeep and more content. etc etc.

But I bet you wouldn't want to pay a company to use their game. that was 60 plus dollars.


Now they will most likely have you buy a membership of some kind to maximize earnings. Especially after their failures of Star Wars Battlefront. (1 and 2) and Mass Effect : Andromeda. 

EA is probably facing some serious financial trouble. If this game does not sell well or they do not make a long term profit plan with the consumers, they will probably have to drop a few studios.


And I would really hate for BioWare to go under. Frown


But the game future would be much more solid if it is Offline Single Player. Now as we know it will not be. But their is a (slight) chance it will be. or they will alter it in the future after the inevitable failure if they continue down this path. (that way they can sucker people in to still buy the game. to make a little bit of money. like with ME:A especially since most sales are digital. it doesn't cost them anything to sell the product. I.e. no shipping, retail space, taxes applied automatically. etc etc.


What do you think after my rant. :P

do you think it's going to be a hit, a massive MMO success.

will it be a yet another flop?

Or will they actually do things right and listen to their fans and customers? (probably not. I'm still waiting for my refund of ME:A from day one launch. I made a refund request two days after it came out.)


honestly I think this game will flop.

I like the idea of it being like Iron Man games. (which I loved as a kid.) But the way they are going. doesn't seem like it's going to work out.

I wish I could be more optimistic. But EA has trashed my expectations more than once. I pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront and Mass Effect Andromeda. and they were both flops. hard flops. made a whip cracking sound it was such a hard flop. :P

So I was so excited when they said they would fix things in Star Wars Battlefront 2. more single player options. less or no micros. better loading and servers on multiplayer. better characters and balancing. I could go on. But SWB2 was a hard miss. I was extremely disappointed in it. I didn't mind the campaign. I know most people didn't like a girl as the main character. (probably some political BS Disney's trying to throw out there. But I don't know what they were referring to. But a lot of people didn't like it I guess cause of that.)

I don't really care if the MC is a guy girl, dragon, fox, ninja, or whatever. as long as the game is fun then I like it.


But point being EA has messed up a bunch.

I really am hoping they won't mess it up again. But........ unfortunately I think they are going to flop hard again.

And this is not based on their previous games. their past games each had a set of reason why they failed.

But looking at what we know now of 6/9/2018

The prospects don't look good.

Anthem comes out on February 22nd 2019 so there is still plenty of time.

But I will wait to buy this game till a couple weeks after it comes out.

To read reviews and watch others play it on youtube and whatnot. I don't want to get burned again.

And if it's a really bad game. I still want to try it. I will just buy it when it's 85% off or more.


But if it's Horrible I won't even touch it.

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Re: Offline single player. with all content. not locked by a server or multiplay

A lot to unpick:


These points are all from statements made by BioWare over the last 2 days (probably before you posted). Wink



The only microtransactions are cosmetics which can also be earned playing.

No lootboxes, no pay to win. Ever.


No separate membership or subscription.


Yes. You cannot play offline, it is a shared world game that mechanically doesn't work offline. It sits on a dedicated server.


As you asked, I'm looking forward to the game, I think it looks good.




I don't work for EA, but I adore BioWare's Mass Effect, Dragon Age & Anthem.
I can be found here on EA Answers HQ and on BSN forums:
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Re: Offline single player. with all content. not locked by a server or multiplay

After what they revealed about no PVP, NO Lootboxes, and no subscription, I am more optimistic about this game than I have been in several months.  Yeah, there is a nice chunk of time left before the game releases but it SEEMS that MAYBE EA/Bioware has learned a bit from recent FUBARs.  I am NOT saying it is a guaranteed great game, as it is something new and as thus can be a tricky build, but I like what I see about the direction it seems to be going. 


At this point, I will just have to wait and see and hope Bioware can pull it off.  The idea of a story based game, with open world mulitplayer romp sounds like a winner to me, especially since they said MP will make it a bit easier, but isn't required to play the for me, it is Bioware, keep up the good news and let's see what you got.


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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