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Not fixed, after all: Rubberbanding even in private mode.

by SigmaX33

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Not fixed, after all: Rubberbanding even in private mode.

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I've got rubberbanding, bad.


Supposedly this was fixed during the "VIP Demo" stage of the game, but still existing. EA is apparently aware of this, but hasn't bothered issuing any public announcement about it, probably because some product manager decided it would negatively impact these pre-release sales:

"...We are aware about the issue wherein players are “experiencing this in Anthem game”. We have already informed our concerned team about the issue and good news is this that they are working diligently to fix this as soon as possible." When I asked why it'd been reported fixed: "Some cases are still being observed, but as a whole the issue was resolved previously".


My question is - after 6 hours of my time over two days, "troubleshooting" advice from EA support that involved removing significant security protections from my computer and my network, and having to re-open the support case upwards of 7 times:


How incompetent is EA's product technical support group, did you not do an RCA of the original rubberbanding issue?

How can you excuse not admitting this, if EA is aware of an ongoing problem? "Because it'll hurt sales" is not the answer you wanna give, here. PR disaster.

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Re: Not fixed, after all: Rubberbanding even in private mode.


I mean... can’t say it’s not an issue on their end, but technically it’s one of those things that could be happening between you and their servers, so it could be outside of their control. It could potentially be due to the way your ISP routes traffic, or something as trivial as Windows checking for updates while you’re trying to play.

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Re: Not fixed, after all: Rubberbanding even in private mode.

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That's a very lackadaisical stance to take. As though EA doesn't have any responsibility to prove fitness of their product where it operates.


Counterpoint in general: If this game is meant to experience a worldwide release, EA should have designed it in such a way that a little network latency or a short-term poor-quality connection wouldn't provide such a graceless failure mode. If they failed to do so, that is on them. The internet is the environment in which they chose to make this product work, so make it work in that environment. Not when it's the best conditions, but with acceptable failure modes in the poorest conditions.

Counterpoint in specific: I have a average 26ms ping time (or lower) to every system between myself and EA's servers, with 0 packet loss. At EA support's instruction, I've cleared my DNS cache and performed multiple traceroutes, including during gameplay periods when I was experiencing rubberbanding. I can also play dozens of other, similar games (some of which are known for being very sensitive to network conditions, like PUBG) without issue.

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