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Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

by DaAceXD

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Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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Im Reading all these jokers About 2/3 of my games have hackers etc.


i have played this game 400 hours and i met maybe 40 confirmed cheaters.


Thats 1 cheater every 10 hours of playing.

that is verry acceptable in a free game imo.

annoying when i meet one nontheless!


I was thinking i was lucky but all my friends have the same result.


And when i watch streamers and i do that a lot.

i dont see them get wrecked every 2nd match by a cheater.


even the surprised faces and reaction when they do run in a cheater tells me their encounter with them is not that common as every 2nd match or even 10th match.


if your not playing on asian server, and you think you got killed by a cheater every 2nd game.

please stop reporting.

your giving the developrs a hard time finding real Cheaters.

and in that way your contributing to the cheater problem.


instead learn to play and get better.

and you Will notice the amount of cheaters will drop A LOT.


Some people are just better...

accept it.

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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Nobody is saying they dont exist.


Im even saying i see cheaters every now and then.


im saying people claiming to encounter them 30-90% of the time are proberly wrong.

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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Congratulations bro.
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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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let me tell you something about those top streamers you are watching, most of them are using autoexec file to remove muzzle flash and all kinds of stuff, so they are also cheating in a way !!!!

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.


@DaAceXD  I don't really see any reason to contradict someone who says they have encountered a cheat.


It's important that people know they can report cheats using the in game report feature or by sending reports directly to EAC using this link.


All reports are taken seriously and it's a nice way to help out the anti-cheat team. Standard smile

I do not work for EA. I'm a volunteer. Angel

If my post was helpful or contained useful information please give XP. Wizard

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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The pros you claim to watch and the majority of the playerbase are all wrong, everyone. No need to be concerned. EAC isn't even needed! 

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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Per the playerbase every streamer is a cheater so your playerbase argument either voids out the pros streaming cause they are cheaters or voids out the player base because obviously they call anyone better than them a cheater

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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There is a HUGE difference between meeting a cheater every 10 hours of play time and claiming you see a cheater 67% of the games or even 100%.


I'm even saying i saw a lot of cheaters but on the average 1 every 10 hours of play time.

And im saying i don't think im lucky because everyone i watch and talk to that has a little skill in this game says the same thing.


And i mention the reason to contradict someone who reports a cheater every time he dies.

The team taking care of the anti cheat reports must be overburdened by false claims of dying to a cheater.

This way the team has less time getting actual cheaters and is busy pleasing players that don't know a moving target is harder to hit then a standing one.

HE HIT ME ONLY ON THE HEAD HE MUST BE CHEATING he says while standing still in the open field.

Then he spectates the guy and sees he's actual hitting shots on the target witch was unseen when he was in control of the cross hair himself.

THIS IS AIMBOT is the next thing going true his mind..


developers should always be after the cheaters.

But in my opinion this they are doing a good job on the EU and NA servers as far as i can see and programmers also like positive feedback.


I even explained in a previous post to people claiming everybody has to have ESP because they always knew he was coming,

That a good with 7.1 surround sound headset is the only legal pay to win option in this game and truly gives people advantage was laughed and mocked at.

That i with my headset can exactly tell where enemy's are without seeing them was something they cannot comprehend.


And im not the only one with such a headset, everybody with a little cash can buy it.

And they should invest in this over using their $10,-  earbuds if they want to play seriously.


But no that is not the case, IT HAS TO BE ESP! and i was the idiot suggesting audio made a difference.


I even replied to a post today on this forum a guy claiming everybody with the 20 Kill badge is a cheater because getting 20 kills in this game is impossible and must be punished.

Come on! how can you take these guys seriously...


I created this post Because im getting sick of the nonsense that this game is overrun with cheaters and people warn other people not to play this game because of it.

More people playing this game means more income and $$$ to improve this game that i'm still enjoying.


So yes the people that seem not to understand or refuse to believe they are prolly in the lower 10% skill wise.

Are indirectly harming and ruining a game i enjoy playing with the blatant claims and i will call them out on it.


The first person that can prove to me that he after 100 back to back games met over 30 cheaters ( 30% (50% of what they claim)) on EU or NA server will receive a sincere apologize from me.

And i will tell him to never buy a lottery ticked because hes the most unlucky person i have ever met.

But i don't believe that is ever going to happen, so ill keep calling people out on their lack of skills and a good headset and terrible mindset that they are the best player and he can only be defeated by a cheater.

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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Actually its true, i cant count how many people i saw who are complaining about cheaters i can even say i saw more of does guys then actually a real cheater :D
I play a lot, so i saw one that week and like 50 people who did tell me there are a lot of cheaters or flame a cheater did kill me.
BS, he died to a guy where 2 of his stupid shots didn't registrate... blame EA for that * not the guy on the other end since he isn't to blame  Standard smile

Know the difference what is possible and what isn't, if u do have like 0 movement then don't wounder if someone did burst the s out of u. Jumping, spamming A-D doesn't safe u from getting owned there are people who do have tracking skills or can land insane flicks. 
If u can't do it that doesn't mean others can't Standard smile

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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this guy... HUGE paragraph ... you must be a botter... SIMPLE FACTS BROTHER 9/10 guys on PC are walling and botting hard toggling when spectated to keep the account alive for a few more hours... how about people have 100's yes 100's of back up accounts almost all the TTV guys in the game are botting. some accounts with top tier hacks have 10k kills and counting... and here you are 1 out of every 10 hours of played time...... you clearly have not looked anywhere else besides here and deciced your opinion was fact! the ENTIRE INTERNET MUST BE LIEING AND BLOWING ALL THE Botting CLAIMS OUT OF PROPORTION!  


Now i I Will say yes there are some really good guys in this game!!! "SOME" not every match.... NOT each fire fight!


you have 400 hours in the game on PC you clearly know wtf is up then......


My OPINION! You made this post to keep your aimbotting around for a bit longer and undermind the Entire view of the PC gaming community here!....... NEWS FLASH no MAJOR updates till season 2....50 some more days.... you can keep hacking away OL PROSKI!

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Re: Not everybody cheats, learn to play.

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@DaAceXDLMFAO i just went to check out your replies on your posts ... and its 99% REPLYING to every cheating post dating back for months!!!!!! " its not that bad its not that big of a problem" ...... yep its your angle.... downplaying and underminding the shear amount of cheating in the game!

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