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Re: No solo is ruining this game... for me.

by luneyr

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No solo is ruining this game... for me.

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I've previously made a lengthy post about the many reasons why a lack of solo mode, or the forcing of compulsory team-play, is a terrible idea. However, no one could really make an argument against it - other than 'just leave the group after hurr hurrrr' or 'get friends durrrrr' - and yet NO ONE has heard from the developers. People are crying out for it and nothing is even being hinted at. Queuing up with randoms is actually ruining this amazing game for me. Once we get matched and, if by some miracle, everyone hasn't d/c'd for some arbitrary toxic reason, we land only to find that no one communicates, dies, and then d/c's before being revived.


To anyone who comments 'just join this discord' or 'play with friends' I want you to realise that not everyone is going to do this and that leaves them stuck in this hell.

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Re: No solo is ruining this game... for me.

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It's already been leaked that both duo and solo modes exist in the game, hopefully we'll see them with the March with the launch of the battle pass.



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