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Re: No one playing?

by Amongtheweak

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No one playing?

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Ive not played the game since April and came back to it the other day but every time I start a mission or stronghold I’m on my own. The only time I’ve seen another player is in freeplay and then not all the time. I’m on PC and I’ve tried the PTS as well and that’s similarly empty. Am I the only person playing?

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Re: No one playing?

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Same here. Tried to get back into it, couldn’t play for more than half an hour. But I only saw one other person in the mission I played and in free play

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Re: No one playing?

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Haven't touched the game in months. Back playing Warframe.

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Re: No one playing?

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This is what happens when the dev team abandons the game and its player base for months.  I keep checking back in to this forum once every few weeks just to find nothing has changed.


Sad really.

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Re: No one playing?

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It’s not uncommon to start a mission by yourself and have others backfill from quickplay queue within the next minute or two. It’s also worth trying to queue for quickplay yourself first. There are still people playing, but not as many and not as much as right after the launch.


Realistically, you’re most likely to get a group at GM1 for missions that are listed in the daily challenges. Most people have completed the non-repeatable content such as story path by now (multiple times for some) so you definitely won’t be getting full groups from the start with those ones.


People are also more likely to be in freeplay right now because currently there is an event active (Echoes of Reality) in preparation for the upcoming Cataclysm.


Also, the timestamp on the first post in the thread says 3AM for me (US West Coast). Unfortunately, it could mean that there are not as many people active in your timezone.

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Re: No one playing?


And don't forget one important factor: summer.

A lot of people spend less time inside and in front of a computer during the summer.

I definitely do.

When I do play, I seldom end up doing missions or strongholds alone, but I certainly get teamed up with the same people more often than usual.

I guess a lot of the still active players here in Germany are on vacation right now.


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Re: No one playing?

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It's summer, so im taking a break like many others i guess.... But considering all the bugs from pts now is on the liveserver im not really stressed about coming back. 



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Re: No one playing?

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Uh, I'm on PC and I'm in a freeplay mission with 3 other people as I type this, I find groups easily... so people are playing.

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Re: No one playing?

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@Amongtheweak wrote:

Haven't touched the game in months. Back playing Warframe.

Have you seen the new multiplayer ship, the Railjack, in Warframe? It's freaking amazing. Tennocon was a blast Standard smile 

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Re: No one playing?

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@Litt1ePandy Well I have been playing, Strongholds, missions and freeplay with all sorts of randos since Echoes of reality started. No problem getting full lobbies on GM123. PC. Daily.
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