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Re: No chance for a console port

by TroutyMate

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No chance for a console port

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I hope that someone at EA reads my post and the game will be decent in a couple of years.



I´ve bought a PC for about 1300€ about 2 years ago. Got a 1080, 7700k etc. . I want to play PC-Games on my PC.

I dont want to play an game that was mainly manufactured for consoles and got a loveless port.

You want me to press U to switch the tab in my menu. Sorry folks, 2k19 is calling. You need more innovative controls than just press RB *caugh* U .



OK it´s an EA Game. Frostbite Engine looks delicious as always. I know it´s a Demo or Beta.

But you overdone it with the Effects. One moment ago, my javelin was about to overheat. 1 second late some minion alien shoots me with a frost ray.

That´s just stupid.



To don´t let take advantage of the horrible idea of chosing missions in an loveless first level of bf3 like social hub from an map,

i dont like the idea of chosing points in the world to start and fly around like it would amuse me and take advantage of no name mobs.


Sorry, but this game won´t work for long.

Nothing more need to be said.

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Re: No chance for a console port

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Are the controls not customizable on pc?


I don't get what you mean for the second part your javelin nearly overheated then something shot you how is that stupid?


If freeplay isn't your thing fair enough but a lot of games have something similar nowadays which fits this game. I like it it's nice having an area you can do what ever you want in and so far I have seen a surprising variety in world events.

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Re: No chance for a console port

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The controls will very likely be customisable in the finished game at launch.

As for the bit about your Javelin overheating, getting shot and that being stupid? I don’t understand? Is it because you expected the enemies weapons to cool your jets? Whilst it would make sense, it would be bad game mechanics.. I mean, we are on an alien planet, with “frost rays” and suits of armour to the likings of Ironman.. We aren’t really going to realism here. Just an experience that’ll hold long memories.

Free roam won’t be for everyone, but as of right now, in this demo.. We don’t have all the available activities, only a taste. There will be MUCH more to do in the live game. As for “no name mobs”, they are called “trash” or “adds”. They aren’t meant to be challenging unless they are in large groups.

I think the game will work for quite some time, because I found it extremely enjoyable. The Raid available to us (stronghold), was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time. Me and my friends (and one random guy) had AWESOME FUN fighting the boss. We got it done in about an hour.

And what do you mean “overdone it with effects”? Are you talking graphical effects? Tell you what.. Downlaod the Blizzard App, load up World of Warcraft and run a 40-man raid. Than come back here and say the effects are overdone. Standard smile Hahahaha!

Anywho. I’m very pleased with the demo, as are many others. Maybe Anthem just isn’t a game you would like, which is fair. Standard smile Each to their own.

Good day, sir! Standard smile
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Re: No chance for a console port

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For the controls: You don't have to use the U and Y, etc. You can click with mouse, and use the dedicated keys like J to go to where you want. Just like most any other PC game that is NOT a loveless port. While still not perfect ( *Cough*What monster made R Forge, and F Ready? *Cough* ) , the PC controls are FAR better than for example Skyrim...which last I checked won a couple of GoTY awards, etc.

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