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No NHL on PC?

by Killerskillet

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No NHL on PC?

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Why can't I buy this game (or any other EA Sports game other than FIFA) for PC? 


Looking back at my history, I have been asking this question for more than three years. The NHL series has been absent for EIGHT years on the PC, and EA just recently removed my ability to purchase NHL 09 from Origin, the software distribution platform. 


I'd like to know why EA continues to ignore the largest, most profitable gaming community on the planet.


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Re: No NHL on PC?

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Please refer to my thread here.  There are a couple well written arguments and I provide MANY links with MANY people wondering when the rest of EA sports lineup is coming back to PC.

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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It's good to hear people haven't given up on the quest to bring NHL back to PC. Seeing that your thread was posted just last month is really encouraging, unlike the non-responses I get from EA.

I have been asking this simple question for YEARS on-


EA's Youtube Videos

EA's Google+ Page

EA's Facebook Page

EA's Forum (here)

EA's Help Desk

EA's Email


The social media manager(s) for the aforementioned platforms have provided me with zero input, which is pretty shocking considering how EA pledged to do better by the PC community less than a year ago-


How does EA not understand that there would be ZERO competition for this product for PC-exclusive players? The games you mentioned in your thread are probably great, but none of them offers quite the same experience, as you are surely well-aware. PC is the largest, most profitable gaming platform on the planet. I'm not about to devolve the discussion by saying PC is "superior" or "better", but it did outsell console games by a billion dollars last year. It benefits all of the community directly and immediately by expanding the player base. 

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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I'm with you guys 100%  in wanting Nhl/NFL on pc.   They must not think they could turn a profit or they would....  The thing that gets me is why they would secure an exclusive license for nfl and then only put in out on limited platforms?? I wont be forced to buy a gaming console to play these titles, so I lose out on that and they dont get any of my $......

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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yigmalsh wrote:

They must not think they could turn a profit or they would...

Yes, this is the proposed answer from EA apologists and fanboys alike (not saying you're either of those, of course). Having seen that argument before, I usually cite the time that has elapsed between titles (the last one was a Playstation 2 port), the shifting in demographics, the global interest in ice hockey, etc, etc. 


What is really irksome on EA's part is that *THEY* won't come out and say this in a press release, or even give their staff a script to read from in the event this question comes up. Ignoring one of, if not the biggest player bases in the world is not good public relations, which is generally considered bad business.


Accepting that Bad PR/Bad Business backdrop for the conversation, it raises the issue of "When was the last time this question was seriously visited by the bean counters that make these decisions?" And again, no information to work with from EA, so we can only guess. Basically what I'm saying is that the opacity from EA comes off as callous carelessness. It also makes them look like they have something to hide, which is a tinfoil hat discussion I'd just as soon not get into, but I have my theories...

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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I've heard the argument time and time again "it wouldn't sell", even an EA official statement saying the market isn't there.  Here's the thing though, it's pretty clear the market IS THERE as I see mentions or threads on reddit every month discussing EA Sports games on PC.  I see articles online discussing the same topic. 


Unfortunately I think EA sports games are using an outdated model to sell their games.  EA should take a look at Rocket League, THAT is how you develop a sports game.  In the back of my head I think EA Sports realizes this is the real problem.  That they need to completely rethink the model in which they sell and offer in these games to get traction on PC.  And for EA, this is probably just way too much work.  Here's to hoping 2K sports or another adept publisher takes the reigns for another major sports game on PC so EA can see what they've missed out on (ie. an essential monopoly on the platform).


I own NHL 17 on PS4 and the games UI is painfully slow and unwieldy.  Having NHL on PC would remove this headache and make it worth it alone.  Imagine having this type of interface for NHL? *drools*


My other biggest complaint is the frame rate.  NHL deserves to be played at 60fps minimum.  Replays and the interludes between play in NHL 17 feel like they dip into the 20fps range.  Ultimately, I would like to play NHL at 144fps with multi monitor support.  One can dream.


Pictures referenced in this post:

Franchise Hockey Manager



Fifa multi monitor:

fifa multi monitor

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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Holy mackerel, that would be so sweet to have the full ice surface like that across multiple monitors (I have two 27 inch monitors, and it would kick * to have the red line split them). I think the key to the discussion is making the existing player base that's on consoles realize there is no "them", there is only "us". It benefits ALL OF US to have the game come to PC.

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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If NHL came back on Pc i totally buy it, i asking also for a new Fight Night game and also on PC ^_^ (i can dream)

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Re: No NHL on PC?

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I feel like this description will sum up alot of people in this section(especially me). A hockey goalie and wants to play as either Carry Price or Henrik Lundqvist and shred across the crease in a set of pillows. I am a pc gamer. Hockey Goalies tend to be smarter individuals then the general population because of the competence it requires to play the position. Therefore lots of hockey goalies would play on PC because Gaming on PC is not as simple and requires competence to do so (with building a simple pc) So, hockey goalies wanna play on pc. and more specifically want to play Hockey on pc. (Cause we cant be on the ice 24/7) LET ME PLAY NHL ON PC!!!! PLEASE

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