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No Map?

by UARN777

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No Map?

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Hi Guys!


Just purchased Anthem and am feeling quite impressed with it. Just a small matter though. When I press the M key to bring up the Map nothing happens.


Any ideas. I've already tried all the solutions from EA support.



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Re: No Map?

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Isn't it ESC key to bring up the map?

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Re: No Map?

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No. In keybindings M is set to bring up the map.

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Re: No Map?


Hi @UARN777 ,


I can't remember seeing that problem before.

Do the other shortcuts work? For instance J for the journal. 

What happens when you use Esc in Freeplay?


If the journal works, I'd try mapping the keybinding for the map to an unused key, see if that works, and switch back to M if it does.


Hope this helps.


If the problem persists, it would be great if you'd write a bug report.


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Re: No Map?

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The other keybindings work fine. It still doesn't matter if I remap to another key.


Think I shall submit a bug report. 


Thanks for your help. 

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Re: No Map?

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You CAN get to the map by hitting escape. The menu that comes up includes the map, the forge, the featured store (whilst in Ft Tarsis), social and the settings menu.


So, can you get to the map using the ESC key?

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