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Ninja and Oaks

by NaofumiDK

Original Post

Ninja and Oaks

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Soo you need to do some nerfing., ive been in so many lobbies with more then 2 ninjas and 2 oaks and its impossible,

i know that some both teams, both the huge diffent there is in the imp and ninja. like the ninja's ult make it almost impossible to kill him . on the other hand the imp is easy, cant see how they cancel each other out. there there is the Oak and the jockey, a huge diffrent in survivalbility , its just the plant and the zombies are generelt unbalanced seems like the plants have a WAAAY higher survivalbility

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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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@NaofumiDK Get use to it, they aren't balance patching till October sadly.

Games being poorly managed.
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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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I've been in games where the zombies completely steamrolled the plants. So it is more complex than that.


What i find disgusting is when i respawn and see like 3 acorns, but every single one of them transforming into an oak. Completely negates the teamplay aspect of  that class and shows Popcaps weak design. But thats not why they are playing it. They are playing it because it is effective at any range, it got splash and a lot of health.

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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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@Screion I think the most annoying thing about oak is it's insane burst damage. The thing is a tank but can one shot most classes with q.
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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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@Screion I like to play as an oak and you are right. You can do a lot of shot damage, take many hits and have some nice damage abilities under the LB and RB on the XBO controller.
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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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They don't care.  That's obvious.  Get used to all the no skill kiddies spamming NC and Oak for the next 18 days.

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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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They should even out oak to be more like space cadet. Less burst damage and more tank-like where they actually get on the objective. Like most multiplayer games, I’m not surprised to see a bunch of nightcaps. People love playing the assassin class, and you can’t really stop people’s urges to go around and assassinate everyone. I’m on board with the no nerf nightcap, but buff a whole lot of characters. Oaks are a bit in a weird spot as well, as they have too much burst damage with a lot of health. Obviously why you see a bunch of oaks. But until the update, I guess you have to adapt and evolve. I don’t think EA is ignoring our problems or taking our money and running. I’ve seen the EA community managers online, that’s their job obviously.

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Re: Ninja and Oaks

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@ScreionTo fix the problem with multiple Oaks and Space Stations (although to be honest, I see more solo Oaks, the stations tend to have at least 2 cadets almost every time I see one), they may have to make some limit on the number of oaks/stations based on the number of players. Right now they're both more effective than the Imp's mech thanks to the lack of timers for the team ups, and the way their health works, so something has to give.

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