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Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

by Koochi-Q

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@CJackson5083 I disagree. NC doesn't need a nerf until they buff, basically, everyone else. After buffs then we can see if NC actually needs adjustments but NC honestly isn't that oppressive and if you take your time to learn how NC works she is strong but not outrageously OP like so many of you are claiming she is.
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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Nightcap most likely is going to get a nerf, just like imp did. If you try to play imp now, he feels like glass instead of a glass cannon. I don’t want them to nerf nightcap to the ground like they did to nip. Maybe I have to play imp more and get better at him, but I don’t feel his cannon potential anymore... please don’t hurt nightcap too much, I’ll rather have buffs to damage for other classes than a nerf to fung fu. Maybe she has too much escape potential. Also people love playing assassins that do a whole lot of damage. People just love getting a whole lot of vanquishes. Remember GW2 with all the imps and impkata? It’s basically normal to see a whole lot of assassins in any shooters. 

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@spIash_damage Thank you! I'll remember that Standard smile
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@spIash_damageUmm...I have tried using the RPG on her, and I can never hit her when she's flashing in and out all around me. I think only once did I manage to kill a Cap with an RPG upclose. Other than that, I've only gotten a couple of kills from a distance with the primary weapon on her while she's distracted with fighting another zombie. She's just too damn hard to hit.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@xMuninnxLolz I haven’t played zombies much cause most of them suck. So far I only like SuperZombie®️ (Don’t use my trademark or I’ll sue xD). I tried playing with my characters; Pirate & Marine Biologist (scientist). He was my main (pirate) in GW2... but my gosh, his shotgun does suck atm. At least as a recruit. BUT I did kill a NC in 4 shots who was not wounded so it can be done.


[EDIT] forgot to type the names of my characters from GW2 so altered that

@CJackson5083I know a nerf will happen, because most crybabies want things to happen that they can’t get. So by your logic if the worst character gets picked by an entire team they should nerf that character? Better think of another argument.

@DitronusI haven’t played paladins in like 1-2 years now. I was playing it heavily before ranked and right before ranked started playing it less. So I know how they nerfed her cause ppl cried about her. People always cry about the ninja class cause it’s ‘too fast, too powerfull, can’t hit it, one powerfull AOE attack, too sexy’. People just need to be better and use whatever power they have to cry to learn to aim better. Much less effort with better rewards.

@Iron_Guard8 lolz every new character is OP in Paladins. I know that little tree hooved character with the insane SMG... nerf after one week XD. Nothing against you but there’s no such thing as a ‘minor nerf’. A nerf is basically making a character unuseable. I do agree that modifications are in order. And you’re right, like I said somewhere in this post, ppl always cry about these kinds of characters cause she’s moving too fast (for the auto aim).

For peanutbutter’s sake most ppl on consoles use auto aim and can’t handle her. Likewise same applies for NC users who then have optimal chances for getting hits. I have auto aim off and rely on my own skill while shooting in this game (while not playing NC) and still ppl can complain about NC. Need a tip if you can’t handle her? Set auto aim on high and start shooting. Cause if you’re this vocal about this issue, you likely have no skill and need to rely on the system to hold your hand. (This part was not for you @iron_guard) but for ppl continueing to make threads or posting in other threads that she needs to go or need a big nerf

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-QIn what world do the zombies suck, jesus. You must really love overpowered stuff if you actually think zombies are all bad.

The only zombies that are awful is Foot Solider and maybe IMP, but so many of them are really damn good. I do think All Star might need a slight buff as well.

Engineer is freaking amazing and possibly OP. 80's guy is also really over the top good. Captain Deadbeard is pretty nutty, especially if you play him as a constant kamikaze. Electric slide is nutty once upgraded and annoying as Hell to deal with. Space Cadet spacestation can be pretty crazy.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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I agree. She doesn't need to be nerfed, at first I thought her skills were pretty op and she dealed too much damage, BUT having the opportunity to face her multiple times I realized she is not so complicated to deal with, many characters can 1 shot her like Dead beard or Super Brainz, the Engineer has a huge advantage on many foes and Night Cap isn't the exception, put your stun ability and she's done.


Of corse the problem comes with less versatile characters or less mobile where she can take advantage, but that's the idea imo, for example you can destroy Soldiers with the Peashooter easy with the hyper ability because he can make the rocket jump just once, but in other scenario he can just one shot you with the zpg with a correct timing even if Peashooter is jumping all over the place...  what I mean with this is that I believe it comes to learn how the character works and how you can counter them, she has low HP and she need to be fast or have skills that allow her to escape otherwise she's screwed. A character that I think should be analized is the Engineer (he is one of my favorite zombie characters but its a bit op) I've already seen a related post talking about him, he DOES have many advantages. 

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-Q The irony of you saying "learn how to aim dodge or think" is that with night cap you don't have to be good at that and you can still do really well! In all seriousness of course she's not unbeatable but balancing is clearly off in regards to her. Of course low health is going to come with a small character, but an attack that does 13 damage from any range with the rate of fire and spread that it has is. "Its 1 shot with..." as if its easy to land one shot with any of those. Fung fu is essentially a one shot and it is really difficult to counter in my experiences and the refresh time is too fast. Also in my experiences, plants win about 70% of the time, and most matches of takeover have at least 3 NC's. I played 2 matches of Team Vanquish and saw 3 NC's the one game 4 the other game. There's a reason he's easily the most popular character and its because he's OP imo. The best strategy for EA is probably do a very slight nerf (maybe increase refresh time for fung fu) to NC and buff the other characters. Either way, NC is the core of a balancing problem.
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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NightCap is in the same boat as Rose was when GW2 released. Overly easy to use/abuse. She will be nerfed, I just hope it happens faster than it took them to nerf Rose. 

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Gowron248 Seeing as you haven’t improved on your reading comprehension I’ll only indulge you this final time in this thread until I see you actually understand what you read.

I already stated that I like Super Brainz and that I find engineer extremely powerful ergo I don’t think all zombies suck. In other threads I’ve talked about others too but that’s besides the point.

Unfortunately I didn’t state in this thread that I play with Snapdragon & Sunflower so I can’t call you up upon that, but I know you’ve read other threads where I posted and saw that so I’ll just sarcastically say ‘yup I really love overpowered stuff. Sunflower overpowered indeed.’

@HyperClast yup, that’s exactly my point. She’s versatile and most ppl can’t keep up with that in games so they want a reduction in speed or DPS. Granted, most ninja classes, as I’ve stated before, have 1 move that kills quickly or instantly, depending how you use it is up to you of course but most just go for fast kill. When I play NC I get in your face and use speed and agility to kill you. I use KF as a last resort or when facing multiple enemies. I can’t handle engineer XD no matter the class since I use every character close range and what does he use as a last resort... stun xD

@kdog739, the irony wasn’t lost on me on that one believe me. But there’s one issue tho. Like you said, you don’t have to be good to use her. But to use her well you need to be. Most use her as a sniper or just as a one trick pony. Go in, KF, Sneak out. I use her the way I think she should be used, go in, do major damage by attacking closely, if faced by multiple enemies, KF or sneak away and repeat.

After mastering NC I went on to sunflower. (This is a lil bragging) but being usually in top 4 as a support in vanquishes while healing is usually high & most amount of revives means I don’t rely on 1 skill to get kills.

Doing 13 dmg from 40m away is stupid I agree, but same can be said about full auto characters with low recoil. There’s almost no drop off or damage reduction cause that’s not what this game’s about. If they decide that 10m is drop off in damage and altitude for her projectile, let ‘em. I don’t care. I hardly ever ‘snipe’ when I use her (and for the record, after I mastered her I haven’t used her and this was 2 days ago but she’s still my main. By which I mean I’ll play with her the most if I lvled all characters I want to).

I want other characters to be buffed preferably because I’ve played with the characters I used in GW1/2 (Captain Deadbeard & Scientist) and without their later on abilities their shotguns suck. Luckily Deadbeard still has his sniper but jeez his shotgun feels like a water pistol.

Plants win most of the time cause zombies have no brainz! :P
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