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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf


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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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We can all have opinions but it will of course come down to the data the developer collects. If NC is getting disproportionately more kills overall she could be nerfed. That wouldn't surprise me as I certainly die to NC way more than other characters but that might just be because she is popular.


I get the low health and one shot potential, however I think the agility more than compensates. Having said that I would rather see other characters buffed than NC nerfed. But just another opinion!



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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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Frankly, I agree with that, I feel like people will need some time to figure how to counter Fung fu with every class, it definitely a strong AOE damage but he can't run during it and it have a rather slow and very obvious startup that give you time to pop a ability to either escape or outright kill the nightcap.

I already saw someone not even giving the right type of advice vs Fung fu, during it nightcap have a rather beefy damage resist and move all over the place, you mostly want to do something before it come out unless he's very low


The one other thing night cap is actually good at is with is primary weapon and frankly, it more the fact that nightcap is imo the only character that can actually kill stuff with a automatic weapon, pretty much every other character with automatic weapon are bad right now:

foot soldier is bad, corn is bad , imp is bad without z mech, acorn without oak is bad, sunflower primary is extra bad, cactus primary is bad but fine by design, only all-star, snapdragon and rose have workable automatic weapon but they still have a weakness to go with it. See the pattern? Nightcap only seem good because every other "assault rifle" type of character are hella bad right now and the alternative have some other notable weakness imo buffing them should be the priority balance wise.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@tristkiss wrote:

@spIash_damageUmm...I have tried using the RPG on her, and I can never hit her when she's flashing in and out all around me.

I can confirm that her ‘centre of mass’ during KF is still in the middle. When I was SuperZombie©️ I did heroic fist in the middle while she was doing it and killed her

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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I also got several vanquishes on my All-Star in the stage defending the batteries (Not good at map names yet) by sprint tackling into the center of the fung fu dome. Actually won that one as we held long enough and they didn't get all the batteries, but I know that's really rare.


I don't have a preferred or hated class in the game, some I like more than others, but ever since GW1 I've played and max ranked every single character and plan to do so here. All I ask is that at the end of the day, the classes, including any possible upgrades, are balanced, fair, and fun to play. When the balance passes come, I ask PopCap to not go overboard with it and to adjust the right things. Part of why we're getting the weekly content prior to full launch is to have us test specific modes and see how everything performs so they can adjust it, let's make it count.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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Avoiding 3-4 fung fu is near impossible. But the same can be said about burrow, pea gatling, heavy helpers, or any other high damage ability.


I personally hate her shadow dome, where she is invisible, makes teammates invisible, and can still deal damage.

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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@Koochi-Q “too sexy” lol yep
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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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i love the class and she may be a little over powered but no big deal. I think the main problem is when you go play online and 5 people are that character and one of them always has the fung fu available then you can’t get anywhere near without getting stunned and killed usually. Not sure what they can do to fix the problem. Maybe a Cap of 4 of a certain character would be okay? Or maybe a little longer refresh on that ability I think would be fair? Either way having a blast with this game 👍🏼



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Re: Nightcap doesn’t need nerf

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@CRAAAZZYChomper& @zzGR1MxREAPERZZ True true, there should def be a cap for characters cause a whole team or even half a team filled with 1 character is just BS.

I’d say just join in the fundome and start shooting XD. Just hope it’s not an ambush by 4 plants waiting inside.

@arit0824, lolz I’m not kidding. There was an uproar either because of her cleavage or 1 outfit with alot of cleavage showing. It was funny as heck XD.

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